Let them eat cupcakes – an interview with Kiss Me Cake owner Alison Bradley

Yvonne Coomber

Today we’re talking to Alison Bradley founder and owner of Kiss Me Cake, a bakery in Devon specialising in hand made cup cakes from the finest ingredients.   A great idea for your summer Devon wedding!

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Click here to take a look at Kiss Me Cake’s website.

So Alison what gave you the idea to set up a cup cake business?

I set it up whilst working for BBC Magazines in Bristol. My Greek Grandmother taught me how to bake homemade muesli and cakes from a very young age.

How did you get started?

I started baking muesli and called it ‘Yia Yia’s’ muesli which means ‘grandmother’ in Greek. I used to sell over 50 bags a week to colleagues. After a couple of years I decided to take the plunge and set up a cupcake and bake business called Kiss Me Cake.  I baked for weddings, tea parties, birthdays (you name it!) in Bristol for 3 years and then moved to London to try and crack the cups there.  Sadly costs there were too high so I decided to move to Devon with my partner and set up here.

I hear you’ve appeared on the Great British Bakeoff.  How exciting!  How did that come about?

My mother bought me a subscription for BBC Good Food, I spotted the GBB advert and applied immediately.     I got to 4th place in the first series which was great and really boosted my cake sales.


Tell us about the bakery itself – where is it?

I currently bake from home in a very large rangemaster and Aga which enables me to bake up to 100 cups at a time just perfectly.  I plan on having a pop up bakery/shop in the Summer on the South Devon beaches selling home made elderflower and lemon juice.  I did this a couple of years ago in Wales and it was a great success.   Beach, cupcakes and fresh lemon juice!

Sounds delicious, I can taste it all now!  Tell us what’s different about what you offer clients?

I lived abroad for most of my life, (Greece, Switzerland, Libya and Dubai) so I bring in flavours from the middle east and the Med, creating different cup flavours such as Orange Blossom & Date, Rose Cupcakes and Beetroot & Dark Choc.

Wow, they sound amazing!  Do you describe yourself as a cake maker or a baker?

I would describe myself as a Chief Baking Officer.

What a great job title!  

Alison will be back to tell us more about her delicious cakes and how she can can produce some wonderful cup cake creations for your wedding.  In the meantime, have a look at Kiss Me Cakes website and drool over her lovely creations!



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