Our final session with Kiss Me Cake’s Chief Baker Alison Bradley…

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Hi Ally, thanks for joining us again.   I wanted to get a bit more personal and find out a bit more about the person behind the business.   What do you love most about being a cake maker?

I left my city life career to become a baker in 2008 and have not looked back since. I have always been motivated to be a self-starter and positive knowing that I might not achieve my goals without a few bumps en route and my Father has always been a real inspiration for me. I am a true believe of this quote “You may think that real work is doing your job, but the real work is finding what you’re supposed to do with your life!” And that is exactly what I have done. What I love most about being a cake baker is experimenting with all sorts of quirky flavours and toppings. Feedback is a big deal in my cupcake world and so hearing positive responses is always a great boost!

Yes, positive feedback lets you know you’re on the right track with what you’re doing.   Which is your personal favourite cup cake flavour?

We are approaching ‘mid summers day…’ and I love experimenting with seasonal produce that is locally grown in Devon. My most recent tip top cupcake flavour has to be a ‘Zingy zing Mojito’ cup, packed with aplenty of lime, lemon zest curd and crushed mint. Its super light, fun and actually very refreshing! Teamed up with a Mojito is the ultimate combo.


Ooh, that sounds delicious!  What is the thing you’ve done in your business that you are most proud of?

One of my most proud moments was making it through to the final stages of the Great British Bakeoff (1st Series).

Definitely a moment to savour for sure.   Do you bake for your own family or do you get caked-out?

I will never be caked out, it’s a passion that I want to carry on through my life with my children and grandchildren. Friends & family are my testers and need them for honest feedback.


If you are married what cake did you have for your own wedding?  If you’re not married, what cake would you have?

I am not married…..just yet! But I know exactly what my masterpiece cake tower will look like. In a nutshell.. A Big piece of tree bark as my base, wild cupcake themed flavours, aplenty of homemade mini bunting and wild flowers. An enchanting yummy secret tiered garden. Can you picture it..?

Yes!  That sounds amazing!   I hope we can see that soon!

Thanks Ally for sharing your thoughts with us and here’s to your business going from strength to strength!

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