Putting ourselves to the Brides Magazine dream venue test

Yvonne Coomber

In the Jan/Feb edition of Bride’s magazine they’re including a handy wedding planner with 160 pages of ideas and advice.

Their article ‘Now, Let’s Lock Down that Dream Venue‘ includes a list of the 6 questions you must ask your venue before you book.

So we thought we’d put ourselves to the Bride’s Magazine test and see how we fare…

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Am I likely to bump into other brides at the venue?

Definitely not!   We offer exclusive use to all our couples.   We guarantee not to hold another wedding on the same day as yours.   We also guarantee not to hold another wedding the day before yours or the day after so that nobody (including us!) feels rushed.

What’s your minimum guest allowance?

We don’t have a minimum guest allowance but there is a minimum hire fee which is £6,000 including VAT.   If you want to have a smaller wedding and you’re happy to pay the hire charge for exclusivity, that’s fine by us – we love intimate weddings.

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Can I get it in writing?

We put everything we’ve agreed into our terms and conditions which must be signed to confirm the booking so we both have a record of what’s being provided for your day.

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What’s included in the cost?

For us everything we can provide is included in our hire charge.   There are no extras, if we have it, it’s included.   So that’s the hire of the venue, tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, crystal glasses, table linen.  Other big ticket items like two nights accommodation (including breakfast) in the honeymoon cottage and the annexe plus our free minibus service, they’re already in the price.  Those things you might normally expect to pay extra for like umbrellas, rugs for chilly evenings, lawn games, chill out furniture, candles, decor items – all included in the price.   For the marquee it includes the solid floor, brand new carpet, linings, lighting, white star light dance floor, disco lighting – yep, all in the price.  You agree your menu directly with our caterer and you bring in your own alcohol, we don’t charge corkage.

2015-01-24_0002What am I not allowed to do?

I’ve seen places where you can’t dance in heels, you can’t have real candles.  You can do both those things, they’re practically obligatory!  Confetti is tricky for us because it’s a nightmare to clear up from gravel so we say you can’t use it on the gravel but you can use it on the lawn where it gets mown up on the next grass cutting provided it’s bio degradable.   And because of the woodland, wild life and local livestock we say no to fireworks because of the fire and fright risk.  We say a big ‘YES’ to giant sparklers, we’re big fans of a sparkler exit for our couples which look fab.

Can you reduce the catering?

Sometimes guests are so full from the wedding breakfast (and our caterer does amazing food so people eat a lot!) that the evening food is often not all eaten.   So yes you can reduce the evening catering by providing evening food for some of your number, it’s often 80% of your number but you pick a number to suit you.


If you haven’t made your final choice for your venue, these are good questions to ask.  If you’ve got any other questions that aren’t covered here or on the About Us section of our website, pick up the phone to us or drop us an email, we’ll be happy to answer!

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