Through the seasons photography project…

Yvonne Coomber

At the beginning of last year we commissioned the lovely Maggie Mccall of Maggie Mccall Photography to document a year in the garden, shooting the same view throughout the season (and also anything else that caught her eye) to give couples an idea of the changes that take place in the garden over the year.


I have lived here for 10 years and you’d think I know what the place looks like(!) but I have been so surprised by the seasonal changes as documented by Maggie.  Of course I know the trees lose their leaves in winter (I was definitely paying attention in that primary school lesson) but this project has brought me to really see the change the leaves bring and the change to the leaf shades from the early spring to late summer, early autumn and late autumn.   It’s been a revelation to see the photos and marvel at the changes.

See this selection from the ponds on the top lawns.   First is this shot from behind the bench overlooking the ponds.


I have a new love for autumn from these photos, it looks so beautiful, not just the leaf colours but the quality and softness of the light too.

And then again from the ponds but this time from a higher vantage point.  This time you get a panoramic view of the woods and their impact on the landscape colour.


Maggie took a lot (I mean a LOT!) of shots so it’s going to take some time to go through them all and put a selection up on the website for people to see for themselves but I thought these would get us started.

Check back to see more great photos from the project.

Photography:  Maggie Mccall

Photography: Maggie Mccall

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