2015 Wedding Trends – part 2

In my last post I looked at the point of wedding trends.   One benefit of wedding trend chatter is it can provide a focus when you’re feeling overwhelmed by so much PRETTY STUFF and you want to have it all but then what would that look like..?

I’m not talking about wedding themes although they can be great fun if you have something personal to you as a couple.  I’m talking about trying to nail down the overall look and feel of the day, the style.   Because style isn’t just there for it’s own sake, it creates an atmosphere, it affects the mood of your guests, it’s the thing that makes guests say, ‘oh it just fitted you perfectly as a couple’ – that’s what you’re looking for when you’re seeking out your wedding style.

Courtesy of Coco Wedding Venues
Courtesy of Coco Wedding Venues

So in trawling through all the various ideas and trends, you’re looking for what speaks to YOU, what do you love and why because the answer to ‘why’ will often bring you to what it is about that thing you love that means something to you.   It’s about getting personal to the two of you as a couple and inviting your guests to share not just your wedding ceremony but your whole wedding day and your celebration.


As we’re a wedding venue I’m going to be looking at the 2015 wedding trend predictions that we can really share in, flowers, decor, lighting, tables, receptions, food & drink.

Courtesy of Pinterest via Style Me Pretty
Courtesy of Pinterest via Style Me Pretty

In the next post on 2015 wedding trends I’ll be taking a look at one of the hottest floral trends for this year, the one that’s on everyone’s prediction list.

Credit:  For all credits see our Pinterest board

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