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You’re engaged!  You’re getting married!  Yay!

If you’ve just become engaged then a) congratulations! and b) where do you start?!

Start here

We do 3 types of weddings and we’ve got a brochure for each type.  We do summer weddings for up to 120 guests, midi mid week weddings for up to 20 guests and elopement weddings for up to 8 guests.

To get the right brochure for you, just click below on the one you need.   The links to the MMW and elopement brochures are direct links so clicking will take you straight through to the brochure – yay!   To get the summer brochure you need to let us know your email address and which year you want and we’ll ping the download link straight to your inbox.

So go ahead which one do you need?

summer wedding brochure
MMW brochure

Pricing & info

Read through all the info in the brochure and if you’ve got any questions, take yourself over to our FAQ page because the answer is almost certainly on there.

Our brochures and the FAQ page contain everything you need to know about our prices.   There’s nothing hidden with us, it’s all out there for you to see.

bride groom willow tree colourful bouquet

Next big question…

Have you got a date?

And do we have a date left to suit you? Maybe you’ve got a specific date in mind and only that will do.  Maybe you’ve picked a year and you’ve got flexibility with your date.  The point is dates are THE big deal when it comes to venues.   If we don’t have a date that works for you, there’s no point in coming along to fall in love with the venue.  Shame but we’ve gotta be realistic – we don’t want you to fall in love with us if we can’t reciprocate 🙁  We need to make sure before you visit and book that we’ve got a date to suit you.

So let’s dive in to our current availability.   Ready?

Current availability

Summer weddings

We hold these on Saturdays only.  Guest numbers are a maximum of 120.

Availability for 2019

May, July and August are fully booked.  I’ve got one Saturday left in June (15th) and one in September (21st).   If one of those 2 dates could work for you, get in touch.

Availability for  2020

All Saturdays for June, July and August 2020 are now fully booked.  I’ve got just a few dates left for May and September 2020.

Mid-week availability

This is a relatively new package so we’ve got some dates left for 2019 – yay!  May and August 2019 are both fully booked. I’ve got a few dates left in the rest of the summer this year.  I’ve got June (5th and 12th), July (10th) and September (11th and 18th) 2019.  We’ve got good availability for MMW weddings for 2020 and 2021.

Elopement availability

The first half of the 2019 season (from now to the end of April) is fully booked.   We’ve got no dates left at all.   The second half of the 2019 season starts in October 2019 and October’s 2019 is already fully booked.   I’ve got a few dates left in November 2019 and 2 dates in December 2019 (9th and 12th).

We’ve got 2 summer elopement dates left, one in July (17th) and one in September (18th).

Get in touch

So if you’ve read the brochure, nailed your guest numbers, sorted your budget AND we’ve got a date to suit you – get in touch, I wanna hear from you!   Email me at [email protected] and let’s talk weddings!

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