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MMW 2020 availability

By January 31, 2020mid week wedding
bride & groom kiss under floral arch

MMW weddings

If you’re looking for a more intimate wedding, something with around 20 guests – hey you’re in the right place!  I want to let you know about our MMW 2020 availability.  And also looking ahead for 2021 coz I know you’re looking to get organised – right?

If small and beautiful is what you’re after, we’ve got just the wedding package for you.   It’s called the midi mid-week (or MMW for short).  It’s an all inclusive package and you can seen all the details including the brochure with prices right here.  

flower girl & page boys

Photo: Becca Roundhill

We’ve got a whole section of the website dedicated to our MMW.   Have you seen it?   It’s right here.

need to check a date?

If you’ve downloaded the brochure and you think this kinda wedding is right up your street, then first of all, ‘yay!’ that’s great to know.  Secondly, you’ll need to know what dates we’ve got.

So are you ready to ask me about MMW 2020 availability?  These lil beauties are really super popular so we’ve seriously only got one date left for 2020 and that’s Wednesday 26th August 2020.  Whaaat?!  I know, I told you they’re popular.

If that date of 26th August 2020 doesn’t work for you or you’re already planning ahead to 2021, there’s good news!   There are a good few dates for 2021.  May 2021 is already fully booked for MMW but June, July, August and September all have more than one date available – phew.

Photo: Becca Roundhill

We don’t do many of these MMW, they’re only on Wednesdays from May to September.  There are only so many Wednesdays so there are only so many MMW.

If you want to know whether we’ve got a date to suit you – drop me a line at I’d love to hear from you and if we’ve got a date that works for you, I’d love to get you booked in.