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2024 elopements

2024 seems such a long way off doesn’t it?  Not if you’re looking at booking an elopement date it isn’t.   Time goes by so quickly, 2024 will be here before any of us knows it.

I’ve been getting enquiries for 2024 elopement dates for a while but we only opened our 2024 dates yesterday.   So yay, now you can find out if we’ve got a 2024 date to suit you.

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how far ahead should I book my elopement wedding?

It used to be that elopement weddings were booked just months in advance.  Not weeks because you need to give at least 4 weeks legal notice (28 days exactly) of marriage.   If you don’t give 28 days legal notice at your local Registry Office,  you can’t get legally married.  Simple as.

When we first started elopement weddings in 2016, we thought there would be a lot of last minute bookings, spontaneous weddings.  Nope.  What I’ve learned in the 6 years we’ve been doing elopements is that most elopement bookings are now at least 12 months in advance.  And as I learned again last night when I opened our 2024 elopement dates and took 3 reservations for April 2024 in one evening, elopement weddings now get booked up quite a way ahead.

Which months are you open in 2024 for elopement weddings?

Our 2024 available dates follow the same dates as for 2023.   So that’s every Tuesday and Thursday in March, April, May, September, October, November and first half of December.   Which means we’re completely closed in January, February, June, July and August.   Hope that helps!

If you’d like to check which dates are available for 2022, 2023 or 2024 it’s now super easy with our whizzy availability calendar.  The keys are in the colours.  Grey means not available.   Green means available and pink means currently reserved for 7 days.   If a date you’re interested in is coloured pink, it’s worth checking back in a week to see if it’s gone grey (confirmed booking) or turned green (now available).


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Price guarantee

If you book your 2024 elopement date now, I guarantee to hold the price when you booked it.   There’ll be no price increase before your date.  That’s a solid.

Elopement brochure

Have you downloaded our latest elopement brochure yet?  If not, what are you waiting for?   You can download it right here.

Have a read through it and if you’ve got any questions let me know.   Don’t forget to have a good trawl through the FAQ’s, your question is probably answered there.  But if not, go ahead and ping me an email, [email protected]

Let’s book you your elopement wedding!

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