3 questions for your dream candlelit wedding…


So you’ve decided to have your dream candlelit wedding ceremony.   In England, that’s a new thing so there will be things to consider you may not have thought of…

How late?

Here in Devon you can now get married up to and including midnight.    A midnight ceremony sounds romantic but what effect will it have on your wedding day?

  • will all your wedding photographs be taken in the dark?
  • how late can you serve a sit down meal?
  • do your guests want to wait til after midnight to start the celebrations?

Photographs in the dark

Is midnight too late?   Could you get married at 7 pm or even 9 pm when in England it’s still light in high summer.   Make sure you tell your photographer that your ceremony will be in the evening so they can consider whether they need to bring extra lighting equipment with them.

If you get married in the early evening, you could still have beautiful photographs taken in the early evening sun or at dusk.

D Jones Photography/The Knot

Maybe you want wedding photographs with a nightclub look?

You could think about having pre-ceremony photographs if you are not superstitious about seeing each other before getting married or if you have already had your legal ceremony.

How late can you serve a sit down meal?

If you get married at midnight perhaps a 2 hour sit down meal is not going to work for you and your guests.   If you got married at say 7 pm, you could be seated by 8 pm and then be on track for dancing by 10 pm.

You could do things differently and have a meal before the wedding ceremony and then be ready to celebrate immediately!

When is too late to start a party?

It might sound great to party right through the night but you need to think about practical issues such as:

  • can our venue cater for a late night party, are there noise restrictions?
  • what about younger children and their parents?
  • do you have older guests who may not want to stay up late?

A late ceremony may not be midnight, it may be earlier in the evening when you can create an unforgettable candlelit experience for you and your guests and still have time to eat and celebrate.

There are lots of things to consider for an evening wedding ceremony.   Visit us again to find out more about how to create your dream evening wedding ceremony in our forthcoming posts.

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