How it all started

About us

When the lovely S and I got married here in 2012 we built the venue for our own wedding, never thinking for a single moment we’d end up opening a wedding business. But having seen what we created, people suggested we open it to other couples and here we are a decade later with hundreds of weddings and happy couples under our belts.
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The beginnings

We started elopement weddings here in 2016 when they weren’t really a thing. Now years later eloping either on your own (#justthetwoofus is a hashtag for a reason) or with just a few guests, elopement weddings are most definitely a thing, they’re becoming even more popular than big weddings. We get couples coming here from all over the UK including Scotland and Wales and all over the world including Australia and USA. Ever After at Lower Grenofen is a pretty special place.

Not only are we elopement specialists (from the end of summer 2022 they’re the ONLY weddings we’re doing), we’re elopement experts. We’ve put together a crack team of suppliers so everything you need is included in our package.

There are more and more venues moving into elopement weddings so it’s important to pick one you like the look of (obvs) but also with people you like the sound of.  I want to show you who we are, what it’s like to have a wedding here and what other couples have said about what you get from being married here.

What’s our story?

The lovely S and I met in 2005, in the days when we were the only people we knew who’d admit they’d met through online dating. We were (and still are) thrilled that online dating gave us a way to find each other, we would probably never have met otherwise.  Actually it turns out we might have met back in the 80’s when we lived just down the road from each other in London (Tooting Broadway as it happens). But we didn’t meet then, (at least we don’t think so) fate made us wait a few more years.

This is us outside the wedding barn on our wedding day, I love this tiny moment captured by our photographer just before walking in together to be married…

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Group shot of wedding small December elopement

So what’s it like to work with us?

We’re not a faceless corporation with a layered management structure, it’s just us sharing our home with you, helping you have the best elopement wedding you can have.

If you’re not sure what you want your wedding to look like, I’ve got thousands (and thousands but who’s counting) of pins on Pinterest to inspire you, stacks of real elopement wedding pics so you can see what couples have done here before, a black book of amazing local suppliers and an unwavering enthusiasm for all things wedding. I’ve got you. Whether you want to leave it to us to create something amazing or you know exactly how you want things to be, we’re here to give you as much or little help as you need.

I’m a graduate of the Niemierko wedding planning Academy and the lovely S and I are both graduates of the University of getting things done and problem solving. I bring my love of design, styling and gardening with a hefty dose of organisational wizardry and S brings his love of building stuff and creating things. If I ever mention something I think we should get, S is bound to say, “I can make you one of those” and usually does…

What do couples say about working with us?

Alena & David
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"Nicola and all of the staff at Ever After really made our wedding the dream day we had imagined. Nicola was always contactable via email and readily answered the many, many, many questions we had for her in the two years running up to the big day. On the day we had absolutely nothing to worry about, the Ever After team ran the whole day seamlessly and if there were any issues we never knew about them!"
Zoe & John
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"Thank you all so much!! We had the absolute best day, you guys really have an amazing thing going and were a perfect fit for us. Everything was exactly as we had imagined if not better and on the day we didn’t have to think about a thing! We will be forever grateful, and our photos really capture the spirit of it all! Thank you again, and keep doing an amazing job!"
Kate & Paddy
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"Nicola you have been great! Always quick to reply and great at archiving all info that’s been requested sent through from day 1 to right up until the wedding. which means less for us to worry about! It was completely stress free working with Ever After due to the great detail and advice supplied just before the wedding e.g checklist and details sheet. the bridal cottage is also a dream with great supplies for the weekend!"

What now?

I’ve got three ways to get you moving towards your dream elopement wedding right this minute…


Download a brochure and visit our elopements package page to read all about what you get when you get married.


Pop over and read our FAQ’s – there’s a ton of ‘em.

Go and read all the nitty gritty. You’re going to need the answers to these questions, wherever you book your wedding. So even if you don’t book with us, you’ll be armed with pretty much every question you ever need to ask about an elopement wedding. (You’re welcome.)


If you’ve downloaded the brochure, read those FAQ’s and you love what you’ve seen so far, your next step is to check out our availability calendar and see if we’ve got a date to suit you. We’re taking bookings for 2022, 2023 and 2024 so you can see what dates are left in the next few  years – I know, a planning dream right?

Once you’ve seen a date you like the look of, drop me an email at [email protected] to reserve your date. You’re not committed to a date that’s held for you and it doesn’t cost you anything – you literally have nothing to lose. We can hold your date for 7 days to give you time to book the Registrar, sign the t&c’s and pay the deposit. It’s payment of the deposit that costs you & commits you. If you don’t pay the deposit within the 7 days, the date comes off reserve and can be booked by another couple.

Save the date

If you’ve read through the elopement brochure and you want to check our available dates, you can click below to check out our availability calendar for 2022, 2023 and 2024.