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Ever After A Dartmoor Wedding Nicola and Euan

This isn’t important about me at all,
but I feel you should know:

  • I’ve loved flamingos since I was 2 – they’re everywhere right now which means I’m back in my 2 year old pink feathery heaven (still love those backward facing knees)
  • I make the best mince pies
  • If I’m going to be reincarnated, I’ll be a wild reindeer please. Thanks.
  • Having been a builders’ tea gal all my life, I recently discovered green tea which led me on to all kinds of new teas.  My current faves are Thousand Island Red (thanks to my school friend Karen who finally succeeded in getting me to try it) and every day, Rooibos (love it).
  • I don’t believe in letting anyone forget my birthday. Ever.
  • Cake, flowers & a glass of good champagne can make most things (good and bad) seem better
  • I like all my mugs to face the same way on their hooks
  • Manon café Leonidas are the best chocolates in the whole wide world. Fact.
  • I use my Gran’s sayings, ‘that was a lick and a promise’ and ‘it’s not just thrown together’, it keeps her in my daily life
Nicola Owner and Founder walking around the grounds of Ever After: A Dartmoor Wedding

This IS important about me,
it’s distinct and I want you to know…

  • You can tell me anything, even the bad stuff. I’m solid in a crisis (tips hat to years of lawyering) so whether it’s a wedding cake drama or a big real life problem (nope, that cake drama is NOT a big real life problem, or at least not one we can’t fix easily), let me know and let’s figure out what we can do
  • You’re probably the only person who’ll spend more time thinking about your wedding than I will
  • The tough stuff I’ve been through has brought me where I am now and I wouldn’t change that for the world
  • I’ve never met a wedding problem I couldn’t fix
  • I feel truly blessed with my life, the lovely S, my family & friends who are always there for me, my border terriers Chip & Spud (RIP Mrs Mouse), my woodland, riverside home which I get to share that with all y’all’s weddings (as my LT2 State side gal pals would say – you know who y’all are, bless your lil hearts)
  • the lovely S shows me every day that just because you’re a grown up, doesn’t mean you can’t be your lil kid self too – the man has that down, I love that about him
  • I know that being kind is always better than being smart. Always.
  • My garden is constantly teaching me about growth, beauty, wonder, being the best you can be, needing the right conditions to thrive, nurturing, new life, death, change and healing. Every darn season.  I’m still learning.
  • I strive for perfection & try not to beat myself up if I don’t achieve it, (that last bit might be a work in progress)

I’ll talk your ear off about these things and I’m happy mentioning them often on my website, email, newsletter and SM captions.

My garden, wedding flowers, wedding cakes, tablescapes, my garden (did I mention that already)

You want me to show up?

No prob. Just tell me there’ll be champagne