Another Happy Couple…

Another happy couple.

That’s our job done then.  Zoe & Ben got married here at the venue just 4 days ago and already I’ve had a lovely review in from them and a sneak peek at some gorgeous photos from their photographer Lucy Turnbull.

Zoe & Ben’s wedding planning wasn’t entirely smooth sailing.   They had booked a florist but a couple of months before their wedding they felt they weren’t getting the support they needed from their supplier so they asked if I could help with another recommendation.   Fortunately Amanda Randell our exclusive elopement florist was available on their date and came to the rescue.   Within a couple of weeks, Amanda had put together a plan based on them wanting a wow factor in the marquee, jungly foliage and bright colours of orange and purple.  Crisis over.

Until the next one…   Zoe and Ben had booked their wedding photographer in good time.   Then 6 weeks before their wedding date, their photographer let them know that on medical advice they were cancelling all wedding commitments this year.   They felt terrible for the photographer but the question was, could we find a photographer who was a) available for a date in 6 weeks time and b) fabulous.

This one was a tougher nut to crack and I didn’t want to dishearten Zoe & Ben with all the responses of ‘no, sorry I’m booked’ to my many emails asking for help.   The lovely Amber from Liberty Pearl came to the rescue.   Amber has been the stand in photographer for our elopement weddings (you can see her work here and here on our real elopements page).  Although Amber herself already had a booking, she said she would try and help find someone.   After some to-ing and fro-ing on photography styles which Zoe and Ben wanted, Amber came up with a list of people who were available, one of whom was Lucy Turnbull.   Lucy had worked here last year (see Vicki & Jon’s wedding last September) and the booking was made!   Phew.

The lovely Lucy left at the end of a looong day photographing and edited some photos for Zoe & Ben to see the very evening of their wedding.   That’s dedication for you.   How about this lovely B&W of Zoe & Ben:

black and white close up photo bride and groom kiss on forehead

And there’s this beautiful one, (I do love a bit of passion in photos!):

black and white photo bride groom kissing in the woods

The final last minute change was a piece of luck.  We are in the process of putting together a new promo film for the venue and we wanted some long distance footage of a wedding this season.  Our lovely film makers Baxter + Ted had only limited Saturday availability and Zoe & Ben’s wedding was a rare date they could make to film our footage.   I obviously needed Zoe & Ben’s permission to film at their wedding.  In order to tempt them to say ‘yes’, Baxter + Ted kindly offered Zoe & Ben a discount on a personal film of their wedding.  Ben told me that when Zoe read my email making the offer the week before their wedding, Zoe squealed so loud he wondered what had happened!   Long story short, they were thrilled.   This is what Ben had to say in his email to me today:

“We couldn’t help but feel we that at times we were inundating you with e-mails and phone-calls, particularly as the big day approached, but you always took the time to help us emerge from moments of panic feeling calm, focused and reassured. In particular, and given the difficulties we encountered with our initial photographer and florist, thank you for pulling a rabbit out of the hat and dropping Lucy and Amanda right into our laps! When we combine that with the good fortune of Baxter & Ted being able to attend, we feel like we ended up with something of a dream team of suppliers, and they all fit our vision for the day perfectly. None of this would have been possible if you hadn’t been so thorough in your efforts to investigate and appreciate exactly what we wanted for the day.”

You can read Ben’s full review here on our ‘kind words’ page.  Suffice to say, we have another happy couple.

Ok, go on then, here’s a final shot from Zoe & Ben’s wedding and I have saved my personal fave to last:

bride groom woodland couple portrait

You’re welcome…

I can’t wait to see the rest of Lucy’s photos and Baxter + Ted’s film.   I’ll share them as soon as they’re in.

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