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Autumn cocktails…

By December 5, 2017December 10th, 2018Uncategorized

Before we get onto the main point of autumn cocktails, there’s no question, I do love a nice cocktail.   I was xmas shopping in Exeter yesterday with my bestie Karen (we’ve known each other since we were 13) and to ease our feet after miles of walking (she had her fit bit on, she can vouch for how far it was) we popped into John Gandy’s gin bar for some light refreshment.   Karen and I have drunk cocktails in numerous places around the world.   We’ve got form for cocktails…

So I was at the bar looking through the cocktail list, a short list but at least you have a fighting chance of making a decision – I like that.   I skimmed over the one called ‘Porn Star’, you won’t find me ordering that in a bar on a Sunday afternoon.   But then I saw one being made, coupe glass, frothy top, dried rose petal scattered on the top and (this sold it) a shot glass of prosecco on the side.   Gotta have me one of those…So I did and I can highly recommend it.

But back to the point of this blog post…

Photo shoot with autumn cocktails

We did an autumn inspired photo shoot here at Ever After a few months ago.   You can see photos of the table scape, flowers and cake over on the lovely Ruffled Blog

Bethany and I put together some fab cocktails for the shoot and it shows you can create a teeny bar area in any space.  Maybe put together your own bar area in your house if you’ve got friends coming over for a Christmas drink or even if it’s just for yourself (go on), it’ll make everything feel more special.

Warm cocktails

Mulled wine with a cinamon stick and star anise is perfect for a winter warmer.  In this shot, just a couple of coffee glasses, a brass tray off ebay with an old book is enough. Add some fruit to the tray for a bit of a still life vibe plus a faux fur rug and you’re off!   This tiny area just invites someone to sit down, pick up the book and snuggle down to read under the rug.


Cocktail bubbles

This next one is oh so simple.   A couple of flutes with some rosemary for stirring, a cocktail shaker for your favourite add-ins and maybe a little bar menu in a photo frame, all call out for someone to just pick up a glass and toast the occasion.

Cocktail accessories

The cocktail shaker above is available from Silver Mushroom.  Cocktail accessories such as the strainer and muddler below are easy to get in a style that suit your home.   A wooden muddler with brass accessories fitted perfectly with our outdoor autumn feel, these are available from   The pear cocktails with thyme and a phlox flower (creme brulee, how yummy does that sound?) served on a paving slab (yep!) with an antique cape thrown in for warmth.

Bramble cocktails

And finally something that looks very seasonal right now, kir royale.   A touch of cassis, a couple of blackberries threaded on cocktail sticks and you’re good to go.  Add some nibbles to a teeny cake stand and pop the whole thing on a wine barrel (or an upturned wooden drawer as in the first photo) and you’ve got a ready made bar table.

We’ve got our elopement staff Christmas party coming up this week and we’re looking at some more cocktail creations – can’t wait!

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If a specialist pop up whisky lounge sounds like more of your thing, download all the details of how to have our unique pop up lounge at your wedding.


Photos:  Emma Barrow

Styling: Knots & Kisses

Flowers:  Holly Bee Flowers

Cake: Queen Bee Cakes