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ben selway wedding photographer, early teasers…

bride and groom long shot woodland canopy dartmoor

We were happy to welcome Ben Selway back to the venue recently and having not seen him for a while, he then did two weddings here on the bounce, a week apart.

First up were the lovely Hayley and Dai who brought both families from Wales for a Devon garden wedding in August 2017.

Ben took Hayley and Dai into the woods here at the venue for a lil couples portrait session and got these fab shots which were available as a teaser just a couple of days after the actual wedding – love that level of service.

bride and groom grenofen woods

You can see from the shot above that Ben got way up high on the hill to get Hayley & Dai walking along the path along the banks of the river in our woods.

bride and groom long shot woodland canopy dartmoor

Hayley told me they didn’t even know where Ben was, they couldn’t see him so they just trusted that he was doing his thing!

bride and groom woodland walk by moss covered wall

Which he was as you can see…

bride and groom kissing by moss covered woodland wall

Hayley swapped her heels for a pair of Converse before venturing into the woods and then couldn’t bear to leave the Converse comfort to get back in the heels so she kept the Converse on for the rest of the day – wise woman!

bride and groom hand in hand in grenofen woods

Great shot below of Hayley & Dai – we love a bit of Ever After wedding passion!

bride and groom woodland wedding kissing

And how about this one on the bridge at the end of our drive – oh yeah you totally nailed it Mr Selway – again.

bride and groom on grenofen bridge dartmoor water reflection

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, Ben is definitely on our recommended list.   There are other fab photographers who make the list too.    You can choose whoever you like to be your wedding photographer but if you book with us and you want help with recommendations, we have a great list.

You can see another one of Ben’s Ever After weddings here on our real weddings page.

Get in touch to see how to book a viewing here at Ever After.   Email me at