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Bespoke bridal headpieces you’ll love!

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Believe me, you’ll be swooning over these bespoke headpieces, they are just dreamy!

A little bit of back story…

Over the weekend I was visiting a friend in Bristol, the weather wasn’t great so we were at a bit of a loose end as what to do. After sitting in a coffee shop scouring a tourist map for over an hour we decided to risk the rain and hike up to the Clifton village.

Now, anyone who’s ever been to Bristol knows I’m not exaggerating when I say ‘hiked’. Exhausted and ripping off layers of clothing, we made it to the top. The bustling street of the Clifton Arcade was in site and it felt like at that moment the clouds broke and glorious sunshine started to beam down… (I’m not sure if it actually happened like that… but in my head it did)

Tiptoeing through the Sunday crowd we stepped into the Arcade and were greeted by antique shops, homeware stores and the diamond in the rough.  Hermione Harbutt’s couture accessories.

Hermione Harbutt

You may have already seen or heard of her work since she’s been published in Vogue, Brides Magazine and Style Me Pretty. And if you haven’t, you’re in for a real treat.

When I walked into the store, I knew I’d hit jackpot. I instantly fell in love with every piece I set my eyes on… and I mayyy have tried a few on. How could I miss the opportunity of looking & feeling like a princess?

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Enough of me telling you how much I love Hermione’s work… Time for you to take a look for yourself.

Single Hairpins & Combs

Hermione’s collection allows brides to design their own look. Giving you the choice a single pin or multiple to build a look that works for you. This option also allows for the tighter budgets. Hermione’s handy work does come with a pricetag reflective of her time & skills.


Full Crown Headpieces

This is the crown I first swooned my eyes upon. Elegantly placed in the shop window is a sight I will dream of for weeks to come. For me this is the entire look, it’s simple, elegant and complete.

If you’re loving this look as much as I am… (Which if you have any style, I’m sure you are!) You should check out her other bespoke pieces on her website here.

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