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the best people get married here…

By September 17, 2017November 28th, 2017Uncategorized

the best people get married at Ever After…

…they really do.

I get asked whether I mind sharing my home when couples get married here.   Uh, no.   Really?   Yeah, really.

You mean do I mind when after working with couples for over a year I finally see their day take shape, all their plans and dreams coming together.  I get to meet the loveliest family and friends and be a part of the story of their lives together – because it’s true, the best people get married at Ever After.

Do I mind when top florists come to my home and decorate the heck out of it with fabulous floral creations?

Do I mind when wedding guests dressed in all their best gear turn up with love in their hearts to spend a day with their friends and family?

Do I mind seeing children in the cutest outfits dashing up and down the lawn having the time of their lives?

Do I mind when the bride’s Nan links arms with me to go up the steps at the end of the evening and tells me with tears in her eyes that she’s had the most wonderful day with her family.

Do I mind when the Mother of the Bride gives me a hug at the end of the night and says it’s been a day beyond her wildest dreams.

Do I mind when the newlyweds tell me it was the, that our home will always hold a special place in their hearts and all their guests have told them it’s the most amazing venue they have ever (ever) been to.

Do I mind?  Uh, nope.  Really not…

Read reviews from real couples who got married here this year and the last couple of years and see what they say about what it’s like to be an Ever After couple…