Black tie garden weddings…

By March 14, 2014 December 10th, 2018 garden wedding

I was talking with a bride this week about black tie outdoor weddings and I realised how much I love them! One of my favourite photos from the Devon Wed shoot here last summer was this one which sums up for me how beautifully the glamour of black tie fits into an outdoor setting.

Photographer: Emma Solley

Photographer: Emma Solley

So once you’ve decided on black tie, then what?   Well the possibilities are endless, you can either up the glam factor and have all your other elements glam too, either classic with black and white colours, plenty of crystal and glass as in this mood board from Snippet & Ink





or go modern and have lots of sequins and metallics like this board from Elegance & Enchantment – both work equally well.


Alternatively you might want a contrast between the formal black tie and the country location as in this other board from Snippet & Ink




Colour wise, really anything goes.   Either a restricted neutral palette of black, whites and greys, or lighten things with plenty of white and green.   Taupe and other natural colours also look amazing and super classy.  Alternatively, pinks and greys also look great as do other pastels like the pale mint in this board from Bridal Musings:



I do love a bit of glamour for weddings and for me black tie does that instantly.

Do you prefer all out black tie glam or some contrast with the rural backdrop…?   Let me know what you think…