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New launch

We designed our MMW weddings in 2018 and had the first season last year in 2019.   The MMW were for couples who wanted something in between our summer Saturday weddings for 120 guests and our lil elopement weddings for only 8-12 guests.

Something that wasn’t too big and wasn’t too small – something in the middle.  And that’s how we came up with the title for the new wedding package, the midi (not too big, not too small), mid-week (coz it’s only on Wednesdays) – it was our midi mid-week wedding.  Or MMW for short, coz that is def a bit of a mouth full.

first season

There was lots of interest and we had a great first season last year.  We were fully booked for 2020, we were really looking forward to getting into our MMW stride.  And we all know what happened next.  Yeah, that.  Wiped out the entire 2020 summer season.

We have re-booked all our 2020 MMW weddings.  Anyone that wanted a new date got one.  Phew.

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Becca Roundhill

Introductory price

As we had passed our intro season and we were fully booked for 2020, we knew we had to end our introductory offer which included all the great things you get with our MMW package.

You know what’s included right?  6 hours photography, flowers, canapés, 3 course wedding breakfast plus wedding cake, oh and arrival, reception and wedding breakfast drinks.  All in the price.  I know!

You can also download the food brochure, the flower brochure, the drinks brochure and the cake brochure all straight from the website, just follow the links.

Tatiana Steven Lower Grenofen 077 devon wedding photographer rebecca roundhillNew price

Well it was too good to last.   The price has got to go up.  And is going up from the end of August 2020. That’s right, the end of this month.

If you download the brochure now, you’ll see the new price.  It’s £9,000 plus VAT, up from £8,000 plus VAT for the introductory offer.

Tatiana Steven Lower Grenofen 001 devon wedding photographer rebecca roundhill copy 2old price still available

So if you want to get this great package at the old 2018 price – you need to book in the next 3 weeks.  Yep your booking needs to be confirmed (ie deposit paid up and Registrar booked) in order to get this at the old price.

What are you waiting for?!  Get in touch and find out what availability we’ve got for 2022.

Why 2022?  Because at the moment we’ve got no MMW dates at all for 2021 – we’re fully booked.

I’ve got two 2021 dates currently held for 2020 couples who have booked elopement weddings this year.   If those elopement weddings go ahead as planned in August and October, 2 more 2021 MMW dates will be released but I’ve already got a waiting list for them so I don’t think they’ll be released – they’ll be snapped up more like, there’s a queue.

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Becca Roundhill

2022 MMW dates

So if 2022 sounds like your year for a MMW, get in touch and let’s get you a date.  Because you know what?  2022 is the last year – the very last year for Ever After MMW weddings.  After 2022 we’ll only be holding elopement weddings here.  You can read all about the thinking behind that decision in my earlier blog post. 


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