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Bridal bouquet – Floral inspiration #1

By February 26, 2018Uncategorized
bridal bouquet inspiration at ever after

A few weeks back I brought some cake inspiration to your screen. This week, I’m bringing inspiration in the form of flowers. First up? The bridal bouquet.

Your bouquet is probably one of (if not the) first things that springs to mind when thinking about your wedding flowers. It might seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re not that clued up on types of flowers. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert. That’s why you have a florist. Leave the expertise to them.

bridal bouquet inspiration at ever after

Photo by Clare Kinchin | Flowers by Odds and Buds

What is probably quite helpful for them is a rough idea about what you want. Most importantly, the colours. The bouquet is the foundation for your flowers across the whole day, therefore your colour scheme. Your bridal bouquet colour choice has not only got to match your dress, but it’s got to match your bridesmaid’s dresses too. And the groom’s suits. As well as your table linen colours… You get the idea.

bridal bouquet inspiration at ever after

Photo by Helen Cawte | Flowers by Dartmoor Flowers

If you’re going for a blush pink and ivory colour scheme, that also means your flowers have got to be blush pink and ivory. Red roses probably won’t work against pale pink bridesmaids. And vice versa. Red bridesmaids dresses will look amazing, until paired with pink flowers.

Your flowers should be unanimous across your day. I.e. your centrepiece flowers will match your bouquet, and so on. Flowers are such a key element to a wedding day, so it’s worth making sure you get them just right.


Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

Enough chatting, here are some inspirational images…


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