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What are your thoughts on wedding cakes? Some people are all about the sweet delights. Others, not so much. There are so many options out there, and you can only pick one. What is your wedding ‘theme’ and how might your cake reflect this? Also take into account your wedding colours. Plus, fruit or flowers for decoration?

With all of that in mind, I’ve put together some inspiration from some of last year’s weddings. Seeing the cakes as they’ll look at Ever After might help with your decision making. Besides, who doesn’t love looking at them?!


The Naked & Semi-Naked Cake

super popular choice in recent weddings. Moving away from ‘traditional’, and a great choice if you’re going for a relaxed/rustic wedding theme. Most people opt for the semi-naked cake which gives that ‘half-and-half’ look, and is really effective.

cake inspiration ever after blog post semi naked cake

Posh Cakes | Photo by Luna Weddings

cake inspiration ever after blog post semi naked cake

Cut Me off a Slice | Photo by Helen Cawte

cake inspiration ever after blog post naked cake


The ‘Cheesecake’

Another uber popular choice is scrapping the sweet and going for savoury. The cheese is then often served as/with evening food and guests tend to be more likely to indulge in cheese than cake. Meaning less wastage!

cake blog post ever after cheesecake

Cheese from Country Cheeses | Photo by Clare Kinchin

cake inspiration ever after blog post cheesecake

Photo by Dan Ward

cake inspiration ever after blog post cheesecake

Cheese from Country Cheeses | Photo by Richard Murgatroyd


Something Simple

Perhaps you’re going for a more elegant and traditional look? A simplistic white 3-or-4-tier with amazing flowers? That works too!

cake inspiration ever after blog post simple cake

Edible Essence | Photo by Dan Ward | Flowers by Dartmoor Flowers

cake inspiration ever after blog post simple

Whites Cakehouse | Photo by Nick Walker


Something Different

So you’ve seen the naked cake, you’ve eaten the cheesecake, and white just isn’t your thing. How about a wild pop of colour like Zoe & Ben went for?

cake ever after blog post bright colours

 Edible Essence | Photo by Lucy Turnbull

Or go all-out on the creative front and ask your fabulous friends to homemake a selection of cakes. Put them altogether on one large cake table…

cake inspiration ever after blog post cake table

Photo by Freckle Photography


There are so many options to choose from. We can make supplier recommendations, and for more inspiration check out our wedding gallery.








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