Ceremony flowers – Floral inspiration #3

We’ve covered the basics, now onto the fun stuff! This is where your wedding vision starts to spring to life. Personally, I find flowers are the perfect decoration. Particularly for the wedding barn at Ever After. You’ve got such a blank canvas to work with for your ceremony, almost anything goes. Which is great.

ceremony flowers at Ever After

Floral arch? Aisle flowers? Registrar table flowers? Flower curtain? Decorative hoops? The possibilities are endless. Well, flower budget permitting. Floral or foliage arches are probably the most popular, and they can often double up as your top table garland. The same goes for aisle flowers… More often than not couples will use their centrepiece flowers as aisle flowers, and the Ever After minions move them from the ceremony to the marquee (we’re good like that).

ceremony flowers at Ever After

Something as simple as petals down the aisle can sometimes be the finishing touch you’re looking for. All of the florists we recommend have done weddings at Ever After before (several for that matter). Meaning they know the wedding barn pretty well, so can visualise your requests and know whether something will work or not. If your florist hasn’t been to the venue before, and wants to have a look at the space before finalising designs, then that’s no problem. It’s important to get the floral arrangements right, especially for the ceremony.


Ceremony Flower Inspiration

Here are some more inspirational pics from some previous weddings…



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Amy & Nick

Catie & Dan

Penny & Pete

Sarah & Josh

Victoria & Mike

Alena & David

Victoria & Mike




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