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Choosing between a barn, woodland or marquee wedding…

By November 30, 2018February 7th, 2019Uncategorized
bride and groom in the forest looking at one another portrait

wedding venues

Barn, woodland or marquee wedding?  There are so many wedding venues out there.  A bewildering number.  Enough to give you brain freeze and make your head spin, all at the same time.  Am I right?  You know it.  You’re probably looking for a wedding venue or reception venue, that’s why you’re here (btw, it’s ok if you’re not looking for a venue right now, we’re happy you swung by anyway)

At one end you’ve got castles, stately homes, manor houses and hotels.  If that doesn’t feel like you and you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed, maybe you’re looking at barns or marquees.   Or are you after something a bit more outdoor so you’re looking at woodland wedding venues or maybe a field to put up your own marquee.

your wedding, your choice

It’s your wedding so the choice is with you.  Except maybe you don’t have to put yourself through the angst of making a choice.  Why not?  Because here at Ever After you can have your woodland, barn or marquee wedding all in one place.   Waaaat?  Yep, we’ve got them all so you can get everything you want without going anywhere else.

Barn wedding

Have your wedding ceremony in our wedding barn.   Seats either outside or in, whatever the weather.   Temporary wet weather canopy available.   Guests outside if it’s sunny.   Barn wedding – tick.

real summer wedding sam & mike ever after

woodland wedding

After the ceremony go down to the lower lawns for a drinks reception with a lil trip to the woods for your dream woodland photos.  Photos by the banks of the river, in the heart of the woods, on an ancient Dartmoor bridge.  Woodland wedding – tick.


Photographer: Clare Kinchin

Photographer: Lucy Turnbull

marquee wedding

Your wedding breakfast in our bespoke marquee with clear walls that roll up if it’s sunny and give guests views down the lawns if it’s raining – no white box here.

the summer countdown begins at ever after

The marquee opens up to views of the terrace with the

centrepiece flowers at Ever After

And with the fairy light canopy (on dimmers to create the perfect atmosphere for your evening) the terrace becomes a magical place


Photographer: Lucy Turnbull

Photographer: Ben Selway

Not all marquees are created equal.  Trust me.   To read more details of our marquee made specially for us, read this blog post for details about what’s included with the marquee.   (Hint: it’s lots.)

And if you’re thinking of hiring that field for your own marquee, read this blog post first.

If you like the thought of having a barn, woodland and a marquee wedding, get in touch, I’d love to hear from you! Just drop me a line to and let’s talk wedding!