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Claire Pettibone 2014 Still Life Collection

By November 4, 2013February 7th, 2019Uncategorized

I always love Claire Pettibone’s gorgeous wedding dress creations, you can usually spot a Claire Pettibone dress a mile off with its coloured applique detail, beautiful backs and flattering lines.

So I was really excited to see the new Autumn 2014 collection which Claire launched at New York Fashion Week recently.

And it definitely doesn’t disappoint…

I loved the “Still Life” part of the 2014 autumn collection the inspiration for which is swooningly romantic:

“In the second half of the 17th century, the art of the floral still-life reached the height of fashion. Dramatic arrangements of flora and fauna, insects and fruits, set against dramatic dark backgrounds exude a mysterious romanticism. The inspiration for this collection quickly led to Dutch masterpiece “Still Life of flowers on a Marble Table”, by Rachel Ruysch, 1716. The brilliance of nature’s beauty is highlighted to dramatic effect, just as the bride becomes the center of our attention. Graceful details adorn delicate silks and laces gilded in gold, glowing as if lit from within. The rich floral embroideries give the effect of a painting come to life, while a few artful butterflies flutter in.”

Oh, the unexplainable mystery of love! Be still my heart…still in love…still life.”

Claire Pettibone.

This year’s inspiration has resulted in some darker colour which I just love, like Papillon:

“Heart’s Desire” is also beautiful and looks like a dream to wear:

But my ultimate favourite has to be “Raven”, to me it’s the most inspired by  the “Old Masters” and daring colours for a wedding dress:

Which is your favourite..?

I’ve posted some more wedding dress inspiration on my Pinterest Board “Love That Dress” including a back view of “Raven” which if anything is more breathtaking than the front so come over and have a look…

[Photographs courtesy of Bella Naiya, Pinterest and Women’s Wear Daily]