Creating the ultimate confetti throw…

Confetti is one of those must-have items for your big day. It’s traditional, beautiful and makes for some of the most natural wedding shots. There’s plenty of choice for the different types of confetti out there depending on the style of your day!

Choosing your wedding confetti

With heaps of options to choose from you may be a little overwhelmed.

If you’re entertaining children on your special day, edible rice paper confetti is bound to be a hit! (novelty overload!)

You’ll have an unlimited choice of colours. If you decide to go down the colourful route remember to match your styling for the day. Maybe match with your flowers or table decor?

Dried rose petals have become super popular, especially the way they just flutter to the ground. (And we LOVE that they’re eco-friendly)  Here at Ever After we prefer anything biodegradable and like to do our bit for the planet so we recommend you consider that when deciding which type to have.

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Photographer: Richard Murgatroyd

How much to order?

Most confetti is measured by the handful so if you know how many guests will be attending your wedding day then that’ll be a pretty simple calculation.

Alternatively, you could order or make a bucket full with a sign reading ‘take a handful’

Handing out your confetti…

This has the potential to be a really creative gift to hand out to your guests ready for the big throw. Cones and delicate silk bags are soooo popular and beautiful. This could be your chance to DIY and match up with your stationery?
You could even consider DIY drying out your own rose petal for the big day!

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Source: Pinterest

Getting the perfect photo

Yay! Finally, let’s talk about getting that perfect shot!
If this shot is something you’ve been dreaming about capturing on your big day then make sure you liaise with your photographer. They will know where is the best location and lighting on the day (leave it to the professionals)
Don’t forget it’s not all about the photo… As soon as you remember that you’ll more than likely get the best snap! You need it to be natural and actually enjoy this memory you’ll look back on for years to come.

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Photographer: Clare Kinchin

If you’d like to see some more of our real wedding confetti shots take a look at our real weddings page.

And if you’d like to take your wedding enquiry further then contact Nicola on [email protected]


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