Don’t want a big wedding?

By January 22, 2020mid week wedding

Don’t want a big wedding?

If a big wedding shindig is not your jam and you don’t even know 120 people let alone want that number at your wedding, maybe something on a smaller scale is more your thing?

Over the years we go a number of enquiries for smaller weddings, around 20 guests .  I could see there was definitely a demand for them but it took a while to figure out how we could put together the perfect package for people.  After some brain storming with the lovely S, we came up with a package that we thought would be popular with our couples looking for something still stylish and elegant but on a small scale.

midi mid-week weddings

When we launched the MMW weddings last year they were super popular.  As I write this post, we’ve only got one MMW date left this year (26th August) so if 2020 is your year for a MMW – get in touch NOW!

The MMW package is a full package, it includes a load of stuff in the price to make your life easier and to cut your decision making waaaay back – yay!

I’ll be doing a series of posts about what’s included in the MMW package so look out for those.  For now I wanted to look at some of the worries people might have about a MMW – see if you can relate.

will the space feel too big?

A major worry for couples having a smaller wedding is will the space feel too big?  Will your guests feel like they’re rattling around?   Some couples have booked small big weddings with us.  By that I mean they booked the big Saturday wedding package with us for a small number of guests.  The smallest big wedding we had here was 30 people.  So we already knew how to arrange the space so that it works for smaller numbers and people don’t feel like they’re in a cavern.

what space can we use?

One of the things couples love about Ever After are the different spaces for different parts of the day.  So just like the big Saturday weddings you get exclusive use of the whole venue for your wedding.   No–one else on site except you, your guests and our staff.

Arrival drinks

We serve arrival drinks for your guest for about an hour before the wedding ceremony.   In good weather that takes place at the top ponds.

In wet weather we’ve got a separate marquee overlooking the orchard for arrival drinks.

wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony takes place in the wedding barn, same as the big weddings.  With 20 guests, you can easily have everyone outside if the weather is dry or inside the wedding barn if it’s wet.   You’ve got more flexibility with how to arrange the seating inside the wedding barn as you’ve got more space.

Drinks reception

Moving onto the drinks reception, you’re on the lower lawns just like a big wedding if the weather’s dry.  We’ll set up a drinks station, the garden furniture and the lawn games.  We”ll put up your seating plan outside for people to see.

If the weather’s wet, the drinks reception will be in the marquee in the dry.  Guests will love the fairy lights and comfy seating and staff will come round with drinks and canapés.  You can bring a playlist for the drinks reception for entertainment and we can bring some of the lawn games in (giant deckchair, giant jingo – just not the croquet that really doesn’t work so well indoors!).  The marquee has clear panels which look straight down the garden so if you’re in the marquee for a wet weather drinks reception, you’ve still got gorgeous views to the end of the garden, green for as far as you can see.

Oh and in case you’re wondering if there’s an extra charge for having the marquee for your wet weather drinks reception – nope, it’s all included in the price.

wedding breakfast

After the drinks reception and photos it’s time for the wedding breakfast.  That’s already set up for you on the glass roof terrace so when you’re ready, guests will be called through from the marquee straight onto the terrace.  Easy peasy.

Whilst you and your guests are enjoying your wedding breakfast, we’ll be putting the final touches to the marquee for your evening.  If it’s been a dry day, everything will already be set up in the marquee.  If you’ve used the marquee for a wet weather drinks reception, we’ll make sure it’s all spick n span for your evening.

Evening celebrations

Talking about the evening, when you’ve finished your wedding breakfast, the pay bar will open (you can see it in the background of the pic above) and the celebrations can begin.  You’re welcome to bring a playlist for music and dancing.   Don’t forget we’ve got that white sparkly LED dance floor which you get all to yourselves and the playlist will plug straight into our sound system.   We’ve also got disco lights (groovy) which we set up in the marquee if you want them.

Timings for the evening are bar closes at 11pm, music off at 11.15pm and guests off site by 11.30pm.

If you’d like to invite more guests to the evening, that’s no problem.   There’s another post cued up for tomorrow to give you low down on how to do that and all you need to know.   I’ll also be talking a bit more about the marquee set up and our pop up lounges which come (wait for it) free of charge…

So make sure you check back to see lots more helpful info about the MMW package and how it can work for you.

If you already know you’re interested in having a MMW (go on, you know you are), then drop me a line now at and let’s get you a step further to booking your lovely wedding.