Dress to express (and impress) – elopement outfits

Elopement outfits – dress to express as well as impress

Elopement outfit… Where to start? The big question for any kind of event/occasion/gathering of people is ‘what should I wear?’ and that’s no exception for weddings, not even elopement weddings! For a big-120-guest-summer-wedding it’s a lot easier for you to pick your dress, am I right? It’s pretty standard, big white wedding = big white wedding dress. So where does that leave you for your Elopement wedding outfit? A non-traditional wedding surely means non-traditional attire? Wrong. The thing I love about elopement weddings is the freedom they give you! Because elopement weddings are small, intimate, personal, and (above all) a brand new concept, there is no dress code or accepted attire, and it is great.

I love wedding dresses. I love the way they reflect the personality of the bride (when done right, of course). What is so great about picking your elopement outfit is that you’ve got even more freedom to express yourself and your intimate wedding through what you wear. Don’t believe me? Okay, I’ll just show you!

Let’s start with a bit (or a lot!) of lace…

bride standing in mirror with bouquet to her left. in focus is her mirage image; lace dress with long sleeves, v neck, and a plan skirt. Slightly out of focus is the back view of the dress with illusion lace and buttons. bride doing up the bottom button of her sleeve on her wrist. detail of the lace on her dress.

These gorgeous brides embraced the current bridal trend of wonderful lace and ran with it. Would you go for a lace dress?

detailed image of lace dress on hanger, showing the cutout back and pearl buttons.bride walking down the stairs in lace dress looking down and showing her matching lace shoes.

image of bride looking at herself in mirror. holding bouquet with both hands in front of her with her hair down and wavy at the front and back. dress is strapless and laced all over with a ribbon belt and a trumpet style.bride looking in mirror. in focus is her back. dress is lacy, strapless and trumpet shaped

Or why not go for something more traditional? It might only be a small wedding, but it is still your ‘big day’! Alice chose this fabulous ballgown style wedding dress for her elopement outfit, and Sarah’s slim a-line gown was a favourite of her daughter’s!

Bride on the riverwalk beneath the willow tree. Her dress is a plain silk-satin a-line gown and she is holding her ivory rose bouquet

Bride and groom sharing a kiss outside the rustic green barn doors. The bride has an ivory silk-satin a-line gown with a long train and a beige shrug and the groom is wearing a blue suit with turquoise tie.

Bride arriving to wedding ceremony on the terrace accompanied by her father with her mother holding her long train. Her dress is a plain ivory strapless a-line gown and she hold her bouquet in her free arm

bride and groom outside rustic green barn doors. the couple's daughter holding onto her mother's wedding dress train.

Or maybe you’d rather something sweet and practical? What a great excuse to buy a totally awesome pair of shoes!

bride in honeymoon cottage holding her bright red and green bouquet. she wears a tea-length dress and has navy shoes with red flowers

bride and groom on the riverwalk with the sun creating long shadows from the posts along the edge. she has a champagne tea-length dress and he wears a brown jacket with pale blue shirt. They are looking at each other as they walk.

mother and daughter pink sparkly shoes on a log

I’ve loved seeing some of the winter accessories coming into play as part of our bride’s elopement outfits. Furry shrug anyone? I think I’d be so cosy I’d just fall asleep!

bride on the riverwalk in the evening autumn sun. she wears and ivory lace dress with cream furry shrug and holds her pink, peach, white and green bouquet in her hands.

close up of bride wearing an ivory furry shrug, glasses, and delicate pearl headpiece.

And I especially adored Aimee’s lace and fur combination!

bride in honeymoon cottage wearing a ruffled lace dress and ivory shrug holding her greenery and pink flower bouquet and looking out of the french doors.

Why not mix it up a bit and explore a different colour? That’s the beauty of elopement outfits; you really can do what you want.

bride in honeymoon cottage swirling her dress in front of the mirror. the skirt is grey chiffon and the top is ivory

Amber looks so comfortable in her flouncy grey skirt, which is of course the most important thing to be on your wedding day. And isn’t Leanne’s short number such a glorious colour?!

bride in tea-length dark grey dress with ivory cardigan and green and purple bouquet.

Beautiful! You could of course take a leaf out of Kristy’s book and be totally unique and choose a dress that really just expresses you. Isn’t her dress amazing?!

bride on the riverwalk with the autumn sunshine. she wears a gold sparkly dress with a maroon ribbon around her waist.

bride and groom holding hands on the riverwalk beneath the willow tree. bride wears a gold sparkly dress with maroon ribbon on waist and groom wears green tweed trousers and waistcoat with a pale blue shirt.

Love that belt! We mustn’t forget about the bridesmaids and the men… Their elopement outfits are important too (just not quite as important as yours… We won’t tell them that though…).

bride walking to ceremony with two bridesmaids in pink knee-length dresses walking in front of her,

groom and two friends walking to ceremony beneath the blossom tree by the ponds.

groom and two friends in navy suits with orange ties doing up their jacket buttons

The one thing you might want to consider adding to your elopement outfit is a pair of wellie boots… They do make for some brilliant photos!

bride and groom wellington boots in front of the fire on the terrace with 'from this day forward' and 'to have and to hold' signs behind

groom helping bride into her wellington boots with their daughter watching behind them

close up of bride and groom's daughter's wellington boots. They are pink and stripes and she stands in autumn leaves.

bride showing off her pink wellington boots in the woods

bride holding grooms shoulder for support as they laugh at them both putting their wellington boots on


Phew, I’m all outfitted out! Just a couple of credits as always to our super talented suppliers…

Photography: Clare Kinchin and Liberty Pearl.

Flowers: Amanda Randell.

Hop on over to our Elopement Weddings page for more info.

bride wearing her denim jacket saying 'just married' with a big red heart embroidered onto the back.


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