Elopement photography

Take a spin through what’s included with your Ever After elopement wedding photography package…

We all know how important photography is for the landmark events in your life. And we definitely include your elopement wedding as a landmark event. We want to make sure those super important moments on your super important day are captured forever so we include elopement photography in your wedding package. Sorted.

No worries about finding a wedding photographer who’ll turn up for just an hour, our photographer Clare Kinchin loves an elopement wedding – that’s why she’s been part of our elopement dream team since we started these lil weddings.

Clare can capture all the important events in the hour included in the package.  That’s getting ready shots, the wedding ceremony, confetti throw, couple portraits, all the deets of your flowers, cake, tablescape, any guests.   All in an hour.  I know, she’s a whizz.

If you want photos in the woods (see below), you’ll need to book Clare for an additional hour as you’ll need to get your wellies on and go for a wander.  Clare will always be available for an extra hour as she’s here anyway. 

Your wedding ceremony. That’s what this is all about right? Coz you can get legally married at the local council offices. But you’re here, so that means you’re looking for more than just signing a piece of paper. And that’s where our elopement photographer Clare steps in to do her magic.

Maybe you’ve done a first look or maybe you’re walking in together or or perhaps the walk in is the first time you’ve set eyes on each other all morning. However you choose to arrive in your ceremony space, Clare will be there to document it.

This is it. This is what you’ve been waiting for. Getting married. Getting hitched. Tying the knot. All those things. Clare will get all those precious ceremony moments, saying your vows, exchanging rings, that bit where you all LOL at something someone said, oh and yes, the tears. There will be tears.

I promise you a lot of the ceremony will pass in a blur and you won’t remember it, the photos are a reminder for you of the bits you missed and those you never want to forget.

Whichever season you get married here, the garden is an important backdrop to your celebrations. There are loads of fab places for photos here, by the riverwalk, in the apex, the lawns, under the trees, by the bridge and Clare knows them all.

Just relax (I know, I know – you think that’s easier said than done) and let Clare guide you, she’s the expert.

One reason so many couples choose to elope with us is the chance to explore and have wedding photos in the woods. They’re a super special place, whatever the time of year.

If it feels a bit too adventurous for you, no problem, it’s not compulsory.

You’ll hear me say this more than once – if you want photos in the woods, bring wellies. Even if it’s not muddy, there’s a tiny stream you have to step through. Again Clare knows all the best places in the woods for great pics, she’ll be your guide.

Ok, let’s talk about the weather. Because if we know one thing about English weather (and Dartmoor weather in particular) it’s changeable right?

We’ve had snow blizzards, heatwaves, hurricane winds, torrential rain, heat, cold – we’ve had it all. And whatever the weather, you still get great wedding pics. In fact you often get better wedding photos with the more extreme weather than you do with regular weather. Not that I wish you a blizzard on your wedding day, but Clare did get some great pics when that happened here back in 2018.

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