Elopement Planning Time Scale, Don’t panic!

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Are you prepared and booked your elopement well in advance? Maybe you’ve been planning your wedding forever? Or perhaps your booked and waiting for someone to contact you? You may get to a time where your thinking ‘my weddings approaching and i haven’t heard from anyone’? Don’t panic, it’s normal not to hear from your wedding planner or suppliers unless you contact them first until about 3.5 months before your wedding!

Let me break it down for you.

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3.5 months to go

At around 3 and a half months before your wedding you will receive an email asking you if all your details are the same as when you booked with us. This is your chance to change guest numbers or add on accommodation. Once you reply we will generate your invoice with your outstanding balance.

3 months (we’re now go go go)

You will receive your final balance invoice in your inbox any time now, this will come with a date that your balance is due and all the information you need to pay. This is now the time you need to start thinking about contacting your suppliers (we will remind you of this in the email). Planning has begun!

You can find the suppliers websites below.

Harrie                                                        Amanda                                                    Clare

2 months (getting closer)


Now’s the time for me to nudge you for that styling information you may have been non stop planning for the past month! Don’t panic, we still have a month to create your styling between us if your unsure (and even then you can change details right up until the last minute).

If you need a bit of inspiration check our my recent blog on seasonal elopement styling.

Now i do like a prepared couple, got a Pinterest board? send it my way. Instagram screenshots? my favorite! Anything you have seen from our previous weddings that you like and might fit in with your styling just drop it in my inbox. Even if its a picture of a whole table set up and you only want the napkins.

I’ll need to know things like hair and make-up? Have you booked and who with? What time are they arriving? This is so i can make sure i have their details so on the day if (god forbid) someone gets lost i can contact them if they haven’t arrived on time and chase them up for you so you don’t have to worry.

Drinks? what are you bringing and for when? Are you having arrival drinks for guests? I can now work out what glasses are needed and where so you haven’t got all types of glasses taking up important decoration space on your table.

1 month ( 1 MONTH! )

I’ll check in with a few finishing details and last minutes questions. Because it’s always good to double check! I’ll need you to confirm all the styling details, guest numbers, ceremony time, accommodation etc. This it your chance to let me know any last minute changes. However, don’t panic, styling details can be changed right up until the day of your wedding. It’s mainly the overall style of the day we are looking for an confirmation of times and numbers.

This is when i’ll ask you questions about music? whether or not your having music played and when. Are you walking into the ceremony alone, together or is someone else walking you in? Are you seeing the registrars together or seperatly? these details you may have already given me if your one of those prepared couples we where talking about. But just in case your the layed back type, this is when ill gather that information.

The week of your wedding!!!

Although the last few emails between ourselves will be around a month before your wedding you are always welcome to contact me with any questions you have, at any time. I will email you the week of your wedding to check in with you both on any last minute questions you may have and double check your arrival time so that i can make sure someone is here to greet you.


You will arrive at our venue the day before your wedding date from 2pm on wards. This is your relaxing time. You’ve spent all this time planning &  preparing for tomorrow so, enjoy it. What will be, will be. And we work really hard to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Don’t believe me? Check out our Elopement reviews here.

Haven’t booked yet? What are you waiting for? contact Nicola on nicola@lowergrenofen.co.uk