elopement wedding breakdown; why elope?

elopement wedding breakdown; why elope?


So we’ve covered the elopement wedding styling, ideas and inspiration, the elopement wedding outfits, and the elopement wedding cake, but we’ve not actually covered why you might want to elope. To keep things simple, I’ve broken it down into 4 simple reasons. Undecided about whether you want to elope or not? Well, you’re in the right place!

wedding rings centred on an ivory embroidered heart


Counting those pennies

Justifying spending huge amounts of money on a wedding can be difficult, am I right? There’s always something else the money could go towards. Would you rather buy that perfect house, or have a big elaborate wedding? It’s kind of a no-brainer for most. But instead of just not getting married, you could have an elopement wedding!

wedding rings on an engraved wooden box with couples names and wedding dates

And any money you do spend on your intimate elopement wedding you can spend on the things you really want to spend it on, like shoes!

gold and sparkly bridal shoes

pink and sparkly bridal shoes

bridal shoes next to bridal bouquet

perhaps your elopement wedding dress…?

bride in her grey elopement wedding dress with bouquet

details of bride's elopement wedding dress

bride on riverwalk with large a-line wedding dress

Or maybe just the food and drink?!

selection of elopement wedding canapés

selection of elopement afternoon tea cakes and sandwiches

selection of elopement wedding canapés

selection of elopement wedding red and white wines

selection of elopement wedding gins

elopement wedding champagne flute cocktail

One groom once said to me he’d rather have a small wedding and spend the money they save on their honeymoon… can’t argue with that! Anyway, whatever your reasons are, an intimate elopement wedding is most definitely cheaper than catering for 120 guests!


All eyes on you

Maybe you can’t wait to marry the love of your life and you’re not too bothered about spending a bit on the ‘big day’, but your heart starts to beat a little too fast every time you think about it (and not in a happy-I’m-getting-excitement-butterflies kind of way…). Being the centre of attention is quite literally a living nightmare for some, and I can’t blame you.

two brides hiding behind their red bouquets

Find a safe place to hide away and get married quietly by a river in the heart of Dartmoor. I’m sure I know of a wedding venue somewhere down there…


Wedding Politics

There it is, the elephant in the room of almost every wedding… the politics. How can you pick Martha as a bridesmaid and not have Hannah? And your brother really should be part of the groom’s party. And why are your parents insisting that Great Aunt Margery gets invited, I mean she hasn’t even met your husband-to-be… Sound familiar?

With an elopement wedding you can hand-pick your guests to make sure you’re spending your day with a selected few who mean the most.

bride groom and wedding guests

bride and groom and baby son

bride and groom and small daughter

And who said anything about your guests having to be human?!

groom and his white cat

bride with her two spaniel dogs

bride and groom and their two spaniel dogs



Sometimes the true value of what a wedding is gets lost amongst all the drama and the frills. Maybe you just want to very simply get married and spend the best day of your life with the one person you want to spend all the rest of your days with.

bride and groom on riverwalk

bride and groom on riverwalk

bride and groom on riverwalk

bride and groom on riverwalk

bride and groom in woods



Photography – Clare Kinchin

Flowers – Amanda Randell

Food – Boo to a Goose


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