Elope with guests

If you have some special people (or four-legged friends) that need to be there on your special day, Ever After can cater for them.

Elopement Guests

Guests or no guests? Maybe you already know for sure. Maybe you’re undecided. For some it’s a tough one, for some it’s super easy.

We know that some couples want to have guests so it’s an option. You don’t have to make a decision about guests (let alone how many) when you book. You can add (or reduce) at any time up to a week before your wedding. Not a problem.

Your guests can arrive on site on the day any time after 11.30am. Your wedding ceremony will be at midday so you could serve arrival drinks before the ceremony if you wish. Just supply the drinks and we’ll take care of that for you.

We’ll get your guests seated 5 mins before the ceremony, they’ll all have great seats to witness the two of you getting married. Then it’s champagne and off to your mini drinks reception. After some photos you’ll all sit down to your wedding breakfast followed by tea & coffee and chilling in front of the fire.

There’s no curfew for elopement guests, whether they’re staying on site or not. So long as we can’t hear any music from the house after 11pm, they can stay with you on the terrace as long as you want.

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Elopements come in all shapes and sizes. Couples on their own with no guests, couples who’ve just had their first baby, couples with adult children and all ages of children in between.

Quite a few elopements are just parents and children. New outfits, a great couple of days out and loads of fab pics to record it all.

Some couples with children prefer to get married without them so they can focus on getting married. We all know what attention magnets small children and babies can be, right? Whatever works for you is good, this is your wedding.

Dogs at your wedding

We love dogs! We have our dog, lil Spud our border terrier, he’s got his own fans on our Insta page.

You’ll find all the deets of our dog policy here so be sure to pop over there for that.

Dogs at weddings. So important to be able to have your fave peeps at your wedding and for many of us, dogs are just members of the family so we want them to be there. Like all family members, some dogs are more predictable than others. Will they jump up at you in your wedding dress? Will they bark/whine through the wedding ceremony. Think about what will realistically work for them and what they’ll be happy with.

Amanda our florist can make you a floral arrangement for your dog’s collar. Uber cute. Maybe attach the ring box to their collar. A special lead. Maybe even a whole outfit. Yep dog wedding outfits are a thing.

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Save the date

If you’ve read through the elopement brochure and you want to check our available dates, you can click below to check out our availability calendar for 2022, 2023 and 2024.