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Ever After Christmas party style I

By December 11, 2019photo shoot

Ever After Christmas party style

We’re coming up to Christmas again – how that happen?!  That means I’m planning the 2019 elopement suppliers xmas party, which always takes place after the last elopement wedding of the year.   I took a quick look back at our previous parties to make sure we do something different this year.

2017 Christmas

The inspiration for our first elopement Christmas party was Dalloway Terrace.  If you haven’t seen them on Instagram, cruise by and look at their account.  Love it.

This was our terrace all gussied up and ready for Christmas 2017.  We had the lighting, the tablescape, the cake, the hot water bottle gifts – the lot!   The elopement team were on hand with their usual skillz and did the biz.  Amanda Randell provided the hanging lights.  Amanda had a horrible accident the night before the party and ended up with staples in her head.  I know!  Luckily Amanda knew exactly how she was going style the space so I just carried out her instructions on the day.  That woman is a trouper though and she was at the party with a fetching Santa hat to hide the staples.

Clare Kinchin our elopement photographer took the stills and I knew we had just made ourselves a tradition of an elopement staff party every year…

christmas tablescape open fire hanging lights sheepskins

Christmas tablescape white green sequins sheepskins

Christmas tablescape green fairy lights

Christmas tablescape candles cake green sequins

Our favourite wedding film makers Baxter + Ted  were on hand to join in the party and record it for us to share.   Caroline is the wedding film editing queen and we love the way she has pulled this together.  She captured all the important things in just a few seconds – genius.

You can read more about the details for this set up (including our local sheepskin suppliers, oh and Amanda’s mishap), in the original post here.

I’ve got another post for you in a couple of days looking at what we did last year so pop back for that.  I’ll also be sharing some ideas for what we’ve got planned this year.

In the meantime if this looks like the venue for your winter wedding – get in touch!   I’d love to hear from you and let’s talk dates.   We’ve already got dates booked for elopements in December 2020 so it’s never too early to book.