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A sweet cart, trolley or table is an incredibly popular wedding addition. In recent years it’s become all the rage you’d think it’d be more popular with the children. It’s actually the adults you find swarming around the sweeties (it may have something to do with a little bit of alcohol, but I can’t be sure?).

Anyway, at Ever After we have our very own sweet cart, bought and refurbished for EA couples exclusively. With the hire of the sweet cart, we source all sweets for you and display them beautifully, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

We provide all the sweetie bags and personalise them too.

personalised, sweetie bags, paper bags, striped, stickers, ever after, exclusive, treats
Photographer: Helen Cawte

There’s also a choice of canopy colours; pink & white or black & white, depending on which works best with your wedding theme. Sounds good, right?

We want to offer the most flexibility so if you want to bring in your own sweets and jars, you can hire the cart for £70 (plus VAT) and we’ll set it all up for you.

Of course, we’re still happy to set up one of our trestle tables with linen for you completely free of charge. We’ll also set up your sweet table with jars and sweets that you provide.

If you would prefer us to organize everything for you we can do that, we’ve got two packages available.

Sweet cart, sweet jars, locally sourced, beautifully presented, treats, personal, exclusive hire, Ever After
Photographer: Helen Cawte

Choice of sweets

The first is a traditional sweet selection which you pick from a list, we’ll provide the cart, sweets, jars, scoops and bags. The second is a more sophisticated version of the sweet cart with a deluxe selection of the best artisan confectionery around.

You could have the sweet cart for guests during the drinks reception. Or maybe in the evening as part of your evening food. The advantage of having it in the evening is that it’s an added attraction for guests, it can be out for longer. It can form part of your evening food ‘menu’ and there’s no risk guests are too full to eat your lovely wedding breakfast!

If you’d like more information on prices and sweet choices contact Rosie on [email protected]

If you’re tempted by this package but not sure it’s quite for you? or just want more options for your big day you should check out my recent blog on Ever After’s ice cream trike.


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