Anything not included in the Ever After package?

Well, you need your outfits for the day, wedding rings, your drinks, your music.

We can’t book the Registrars to come to the venue to marry you (much more info on this below), the two of you need to do that yourselves. Download our handy sheet on all the requirements for booking the Registrar including fees and the documents you need.

Food is included in our elopement package during your stay except for dinner the night before your wedding. So bring food with you to cook in the honeymoon cottage (there’s a fully functioning kitchen), order in or go out to a local restaurant, we’re happy to make restaurant recommendations – your choice.

Save the date

If you’ve read through the elopement brochure and you want to check our available dates, you can click below to check out our availability calendar for 2022, 2023 and 2024.