Can we (or our guests) bring dogs to our wedding?

We love dogs! We welcome well behaved, friendly dogs here at Ever After so you and your guests are welcome to bring your dog(s) to share your elopement wedding. When we say ‘well behaved’ we mean we’ve got ornamental/wildlife ponds at the venue and we don’t allow dogs in the ponds, they can tear the liner and even the loveliest dogs are destructive to the water plants and wildlife. So if your dogs love water, you need to make sure they resist the temptation to go in the ponds!

When we say ‘friendly’ we mean friendly to both other people and dogs. Our staff love dogs so they’ll need to be able to cope with strangers (our staff here) on the day and of course we have our own border terrier on site so they’ll also need to be able to cope with Spud who’s a super friendly canine host. If your dog doesn’t do well with strange people or dogs, we might have to say ‘sorry but no’ as we’ve got to be fair to our staff and our own dog – this is his home after all!

You’re welcome to have your dog(s) stay in the cottage by prior arrangement but we do ask that they treat the place respectfully. You need to let us know in advance how many dogs and what breed they are so we can be prepared. We’ll have to charge for any damage (including any extra cleaning) if your pet(s) don’t prove to be perfect house guests!

We can also recommend a wedding dog creche service who can look after your dog on the day, including taking them for a dog grooming appointment on the day so they can look their best (of course!) taking them for a walk and taking them for a rest/overnight stay if you wish. You’re welcome to have your dog(s) with you during the wedding breakfast, we don’t mind that although they do need to be well behaved and keep out from under the feet of the serving staff.

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