Do you include accommodation for us?

Yes you’ll be staying in our fabulous honeymoon cottage. That’s right, a whole house just for you for your wedding. It’s a beautiful 18th century detached stone cottage with a first floor deck off the bedroom suite. Have a look at our photos of the cottage here on our accommodation page.

Obviously you can stay in the cottage as a couple the night before your wedding. If you want to be uber traditional and sleep separately the night before, the annexe (double bed, sleeps two) is on site and is available for rent.

Some couples stay in the cottage the night before the wedding, have breakfast together and then get ready separately. If you want to do that, you can use the annexe as a place for one of you to get ready at no extra cost provided no-one sleeps there overnight and one of you is just using it to get ready on the morning of the wedding.

As we live on Dartmoor, there’s loads of accommodation available locally for your guests. We’re happy to make recommendations for local accommodation for your guests.

Save the date

If you’ve read through the elopement brochure and you want to check our available dates, you can click below to check out our availability calendar for 2022, 2023 and 2024.