How do we know if Ever After is a good fit for us?

This is definitely a crucial question – are we your people? If you’re looking for an awesome tiny wedding that reflects the story of how the two of you got to this place, we are your people. If you value quality; time over money; authenticity and teamwork; custom-made and styled then yes, we are your people.

Creating a wedding isn’t just about designing a beautiful event, (although that comes as standard with us), it’s about creating an emotional experience with memories you’ll treasure (literally) for the rest of your lives together.

You’re probably paying the cost of your wedding from your own money – so value matters too. That’s why we’ve put together an awesome elopement package with great suppliers that you simply couldn’t get all in one place for a few hours for a small wedding. Our dream elopement team were handpicked by me 7 years ago and are all still together putting on great weddings with the practice and skill that 100s of weddings with the same team brings.

I know you’re tech savvy, you’ll do a lot of online research before you commit to your wedding venue. I want to give you all the info you need to make that big decision. You’ll find some other venues make it hard to get all the info you need. I still don’t know why they do that. I want to make both our lives easier – this website and all the info you can download (yep at 2pm in your PJ’s) should give you everything you need to know to make your venue decision.

I know you’re interested in the quality of the experience but not about impressing for the sake of it. Your wedding day will give you all the insta wow’s you could wish for in a personal and meaningful way that’ll make everyone who knows you say, ‘that’s soooo them’.

My pledge to you: I’ll help you put your wedding together and make sure it’s beautifully delivered on the day. If you need help with ideas and styling, I’ve got over 11,500 wedding pins on Pinterest so trust me, I’m into your pinterest boards as much you are.

If you want to see what other couples have said about the experience of planning a wedding and getting married here at Ever After, pop over to our reviews page and take a look.

Save the date

If you’ve read through the elopement brochure and you want to check our available dates, you can click below to check out our availability calendar for 2022, 2023 and 2024.