What makes Ever After different to other elopement venues?

Everyone says when they see the venue for the first time, ‘wow, we’ve never seen anything like this!’ That’s definitely the main difference. Have a look at the photos here on the website and check out our photos on instagram to see for yourselves. You can have an outdoor wedding in beautiful surroundings and if the weather doesn’t co-operate on the day, you don’t have to compromise on your outdoor dream, it’s all taken care of and you and your guests will still be outdoors – in the dry.

We’re not a wedding factory, we don’t churn out cookie cutter weddings, you won’t feel you’re on a wedding conveyor belt here. Some venues do hundreds of weddings every YEAR. That’s not our style. We like to take time in the months and weeks before your wedding and over your days here to devote ourselves to your wedding day, making it as special as we possibly can for you and any guests. We can do that because we strictly limit the number of weddings we hold here.

We’re elopement wedding specialists. We first got the idea for elopement weddings in 2016 when we did a favour for a friend of a friend and for 6 years we ran the elopements alongside our bigger weddings. The elopements took off in a way we could never have imagined and we’ve had people not only from all over the country but all over the world. We’ve had people from Australia, USA, Europe and the middle East. All coming to this lil corner of Dartmoor. Since 2016 we’ve helped 100’s of elopement couples have their weddings with us and we’ve perfected the art of the tiny wedding. From 2023 we’re focused on elopement weddings only – elopements all the way for us.

There are other differences too, curated linen, table setting and other decor items create a custom wedding you can’t get anywhere else. There’s a different set up for every wedding to make your day stand out and that fits the two of you.

We’re sharing our home here at Lower Grenofen. My husband Steven (referred to by me as ‘the lovely S’) and I live here and we created this venue for our own wedding back in 2012 – we really know what it takes to hold a great wedding here.

Our home is yours for the day and we want you and your guests to feel super comfy here. If you want a relaxed, laid back place where you can kick off your shoes, wiggle your toes in the grass and not feel you’re being watched by portraits of long dead ancestors of someone you’ve never met – this is your place. We’re not a hotel or a restaurant, we don’t have any other customers to keep happy; we only hold exclusive-use weddings and only for a limited number of days and a limited number of months each year. When we say exclusive use, we mean that. You get the whole venue. To yourselves. Except for us (we live here) and staff for your wedding, there’s no-one else on site, you’ve got the place to yourselves.

Save the date

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