First look at Melanie and Tim’s Ever After March elopement wedding…

Melanie and Tim had a teeny elopement wedding here last month and I just had to share these first pics with you by our elopement photographer Clare Kinchin

Melanie is going to do a full blog post for us about all the details of her wedding shortly and share many more photos but these were too good not to share:

mel & tim 2 mel & tim 3 2016-04-12_0002Check back to see Melanie’s post soon including full deets on Tim’s swoon-worthy teal tweed suit from….ebay!

The people behind this gorgeous wedding were the usual Ever After dream team:

Photographer:  Clare Kinchin

Flowers:  Amanda Randell

Hair:  Chloe from The Hair Lounge Tavistock

Make up:   Jess from Visage Aesthetic

Chef: Harrie from Boo To A Goose

In the meantime if you’d like to book your elopement wedding with us, get in touch with me, Nicola at [email protected]



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