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How to host a no phones wedding…

By May 8, 2019June 3rd, 20192019 wedding trends
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No phones?… I’m sure a few of you winced just then, I think that goes to show how reliant we’ve all become on technology.
But when it comes to your big day, do you really want your friends and family glued to them all day? We totally understand that you may need to call a taxi at the end of the night but that is all we’re going to give you grace for.

Picture perfect moments… ruined

You wouldn’t believe how many perfect shots we see ruined by an aunt with an iPad or an aisle lined with guests who have phones covering their faces! It’s actually really lovely to see couples are looking more towards having an unplugged wedding. For some couples, this means no use of social media, and for others, this can be a photo-free ceremony. Either way, the idea behind this wedding trend is to encourage your guests to put down their phones and be more engaged and involved in your day.

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Photographer: Maxi Photography

Write it on your invite

The best way to get through to your guests is to make sure you give them plenty of warning!
Make a note of it on your invitation and let them know that you’d like to go phone free for the ceremony or the reception.

Make an announcement

You could ask the registrar to make an announcement before the ceremony begins? Your guests are more likely to listen to the person in charge… And it doesn’t sound like you are the one making the rules if someone else says it… I know, good thinking!

Write it on an enormous sign

Or a little one, whichever works for you? It’s just a friendly reminder that you want your friends and family to actually be there not just looking down the lens.
And luckily for you, we have an enormous sign you can use. Check out our salvaged door below!

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Likewise, if you’d like your guests to take photos, you can always include your personalised wedding hashtag. Let your guests know you’d like them to hold off posting on social media until the next day.
Check out Ever After’s Instagram for social media inspo.

Share the pro’s work

If you’re going to stop your guests from getting caught up in the moment then be kind and share those all important professional snaps with everyone… They’re bound to be a thousand times better than anything they would’ve taken on their phones anyway. Plus you won’t have any photos of your guests staring at their phones! Yay! It’s a win-win!

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