How to wear your wedding dress…

I know, I know “Rosie, don’t be so ludicrous!”

You know how to wear a dress, I’m sure you’ve been doing it for enough years now to know the drill… Buuuuut your wedding dress is VERY special and VERY white, and probably one of the most expensive garments you have ever considered buying. So here are a few tips to help you out on your big day!

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Getting Dressed & Getting Around in Your Gown

Your wedding dress is unlike any other dress you have ever owned before. And I can guarantee it won’t be like wearing anything you’ve ever worn before.

Putting on your dress tends to be a two-person job. So its good to have a right-hand woman at the ready. Luckily, if you’re getting ready alone we have some awesome girls that will be on site to give you that helping hand.

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Putting on the dress of your dreams

When putting on your dress, the thing to remember is keeping it clean. I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise you how easy it is to mark or stain white or ivory gleaming material.

So things to remember are your garter, your shoes and a clean white sheet or towel may come in handy.

If your dress needs to go over your head make sure you cover your face to avoid any makeup marks. When eating or drinking before the ceremony make sure to cover the front of your dress, don’t tempt fate ladies!

It’s best to put on your garter and shoes first, followed by the dress. This is to avoid stepping back on to the material of the gown when you go from sitting to standing for the first time after putting on your shoes. The last thing you want to do is rip the material before the wedding has begun, or even worse you stumble and fall.
Take your time, the groom can wait. Besides, it’s fashionable to be late.

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Moving around

Getting around on your wedding day is essential (obviously)… but it’s not always the easiest of tasks whilst wearing a wedding dress. It’s super important that you’re gentle with your dress. Make sure to gently lift your gown to avoid any last-minute tears, stains or creases.

If your dress has a train be cautious not to step backwards. Most long dresses have a bustle or bracelet sewn into the back to make for easy movements, but you may not want to use this until after the ceremony to avoid any creasing.

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Forget modesty

I’m not joking… for most wedding gowns, going to the ladies room is a two-person job. Hopefully, you’ll be adequately intoxicated by the point of needing a wee! But be prepared for that, and make sure your right-hand woman isn’t far away at any one time… You’ll need her when nature calls!

See how our previous brides wore there’s and get more dress inspiration on our real weddings page.

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