Insider secrets on how to get the best from your wedding photographer


The second part of our interview with award winning photographer Andrew Coulter 

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Today Andrew shares with us his tips for couples planning their wedding to get the most from their wedding  photographer.

What’s the most important thing a couple can do to make sure they’ve got the right photographer for their wedding and they’re relaxed on the day?

It’s really the photographer’s job to help a couple feel relaxed.  For me, the MOST important way to do this is to have a pre-wedding shoot – I always schedule one.   Some people can feel self-conscious on an engagement shoot but that really doesn’t matter because when they see the photos, they LOVE them and that gives them the confidence to relax on the day – they’ve already seen photographs of themselves and they know it’ll be great on the day.

So the pre-wedding shoot is really important?

Yes it gives the couple and the photographer chance to get to know each other, know how they work together.  It gives the couple confidence in the photographer and confidence in themselves that they look good in their photographs.   Finally the couple usually share the pre-shoot photos with friends and family so they feel they’ve ‘met’ the photographer ahead of the wedding and (particularly with family) they’re confident the photographer’s going to do a great job, they’ve seen that for themselves.

What are the top 4 pictures you really want to get on the day?

A bride preparation shot; a father seeing his daughter in her dress for the first time; the exchange of rings and the first kiss.   It’s not so much the exchange and the kiss you’re trying to get but the look the passes between the couple immediately after they happen.   They can be tricky to get because they’re so fleeting (and you don’t get a second chance!) but those are the moments on the day that really need capturing.

What is the one photo that never looks good afterwards?

Photographs that look photoshopped and my particular favourite, the ones taken from what might seem like an artistic angle but everyone has to turn their heads when they look at it!  

Is there a photograph that couples wish their photographer had captured but didn’t?

Not usually unless it’s a picture a family member wishes they’d taken but forgot to mention.   Generally the couple are clear about what they want and a good wedding photographer knows the shots that are needed.   Of course if you have anything particular in mind do make sure you let your photographer know so that they can take care of it.

Thanks for joining us again Andrew.   

Check back in tomorrow for the third and final part of our interview with Andrew when he’ll be sharing some of his personal experiences as a wedding photographer including his story of what he did when he got snowbound on his way to a wedding booking.