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‘Instagramable’ – 2018 Wedding Trend Report #6

By January 17, 2018December 10th, 20182018 wedding trends
instagramable wedding trend blog post ever after guest selfie

‘Instagramable’, what does that even mean? It simply means a photo worthy of making it to your instagram page. So what does that have to do with weddings? According to the 2018 wedding trend reports… everything. We all know that social media has a huge influence on our lives. So huge in fact that ‘instagramable weddings’ are a trend for the foreseeable future.

instagramable wedding trend blog post ever after guest selfie


Pro Points

Beautiful weddings! Instagram is all about stunning images. We’re expecting creative photos, incredible flowers, attention to detail, magnificent wedding dresses… You get the idea. Recently, our elopement weddings have been opportunities for us to create magically styled weddings. The response on instagram has been amazing!

instagramable blog post ever after apex space

The team work hard at creating styled spaces and wedding breakfast tables, a very popular trend with our elopement weddings which we’re expecting to see more of in the summer weddings too.

Beautiful weddings are the main thing which come from this instagram trend, and I can’t wait. Another pro point? Spreading the word! Sharing your dazzling images on instagram means sharing them with your followers. So remember to tag all suppliers (especially photographers and florists). It’s a big ol’ world of weddings out there, so letting others know who helped with your special day is important.


Not so pro points

I love instagram, and I’m all about incredible photos and styling. But the negative to this instagramable trend is forgetting that you’re actually hosting a wedding and not a photoshoot. The photos are of course so important. They’re what you have left after the day is long gone. But, the day still has to be magical at the time.

instagramable blog post ever after bride and groom after ceremony

If it’s a choice between elaborate decorations and amazing food, always always pick the food. A ceremony arch or reception drinks? Pick the drinks. Orders of service or canapés? Pick the canapés (you get the idea…). If your budget can stretch to both then everyone wins, but if it can’t then your guest experience should come above anything superficial. At Ever After, we make sure your day looks incredible even if you don’t have extra styling bits and bobs. Sometimes less is more anyway. Plus, a brilliant photographer can make even the simplest of settings look wonderful.

penny and pete august 2017 bride and groom moonlight



Photo 1 – Voyteck Photography

Photo 2- Clare Kinchin

Photos 3 & 4 – Dan Ward