It’s my own wedding anniversary today…

It’s four years today since the lovely S and I got married here at Lower Grenofen and started not only our lives together in marriage but also this fab new business in weddings together.

I thought I’d share some of our photos of the day, some personal ones of our family and close friends which are so very special to us.   Here’s my favourite photo of my Mum from the day.   My Dad had died suddenly a few months before our wedding date and this was Mum’s first big occasion after his death.  It was a day of very mixed emotions for us all, these are the real life stories behind the froth of a wedding day, they are the experiences which shape our lives and our connections with our loved ones, the things that stay with us for the rest of our lives.


And here is another favourite of my Mum leaving the wedding barn after the ceremony with S’s parents.  Seeing S’s lovely Dad Roy holding my Mum’s hand so that she wasn’t alone still brings tears to my eyes four years later.


And here are three of S’s four ‘children’, Mungo as his Dad’s best man, eldest daughter Emma and youngest Flora.

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My Dad chose the wine and champagne for our wedding before he died so I made tags for the champagne glasses to let guests know that he’d made that contribution and to say thanks to him on the day.


Here are some of the important friends who have shared our lives, my friend Karen who I’ve known since we were at school together aged 13, my hairdresser Mark who’s cut my hair for over 20 years and came down from London to do my hair on the day as well as be a guest and S’s best friend Mark from University days…

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And finally here’s my fave of S and I just having a quiet moment before walking into the wedding barn together for our wedding ceremony

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Photographs by David Murray Photography.

Looking back at the photos brings back the day so clearly, it truly helps to get back to the emotions that were swirling about during the wedding day.  Having seen the photos again, I might post some detail shots so pop back to see some more pics from our own wedding and the day that started our new business…

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