Lavender – 2018 Wedding Trend Report #1

Happy New Year! It’s that time again where all the 2018 wedding trend reports are in full swing, and my-oh-my is it exciting! As probably many of our 2018 brides, I’ve been reading up on the latest trend reports and I can confidently say that Ever After and our brides are on it for the upcoming trends.


lavender trend ever after blogPhoto by Voyteck Photography

The Lavender Trend

For those who don’t already know, Pantone’s colour of the year for 2018 is ultraviolet, which ties in well with the lavender prediction. We’re expected to see a lot more shades of purple popping up this year, particularly softer shades that will mix well with the millennial pink/rose gold trend (which isn’t going anywhere, for now). However it’s not just the colour of lavender we’re expecting to see, it’s also the flower itself. Delicate, simple, and acting as that ‘pop’ of colour, plus it’s delightful smell, are some of the reasons this Old World native flowering plant will be featuring in wedding flowers across the board.

lavender flower ever after blogJess & Rob’s buttonholes

Ahead of the game

One of our stunning June wedding couples (Jess & Rob) may not have known that their flower choice would be a top-pick for 2018 weddings, but if there’s one wedding which would make future couples want lavender, it would be their’s.

lavender trend ever after blog post bride and groom just married

They kept things simple, elegant, and tasteful throughout with emphasis on lots of green foliage (another 2018 trend prediction, but we’ll get to that later) and, of course, the lavender/purple accent. They also had our trendy little purple flower as their confetti (great choice!).

lavender trend ever after blog post lavender confetti throw


Not only did their flower choice match this year’s trend prediction, but their colour choice was spot on too. Naturally, they had a purple/violet accent to their day, including use of edible purple flowers in their reception drinks and our purple water glasses on their wedding breakfast table (matched perfectly with the silver-grey tablecloths to make a stunning marquee setup).

lavender trend ever after blog edible flowers in champagne flutes

lavender trend ever after blog purple water glasses wedding breakfast marquee

Jess & Rob also got married on arguably the best day of 2017 (weather wise, but I’m sure for them it was most definitely the best day of 2017 overall) and were a truly lovely (and, evidently, psychic) couple.

lavender trend ever after blog bride and groom

And here are a few more photos where lavender (both in colour and in flower) was a theme at Ever After…

2018 01 05 0001

lavender trend ever after blog bridesmaids dresses


If you want to read up on the 2018 wedding trend reports, here are some great links:

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Jess & Rob’s Photos: Richard Murgatroyd Photography






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