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Let there be light(ing)…

By January 13, 2016December 10th, 2018wedding lighting, wedding planning

The gardens and grounds here at Ever After make this a beautiful place to be married.   And then it gets dark.   And when the lights come up, the venue is transformed.


Photography: Maggie Mccall, Luna Weddings, Nick Walker

We have lots of different forms of lighting from festoon lights, fairy light canopies, steel lanterns, garden uplighters, light up furniture to tea lights and candles.

This year we’ve purchased a new fairy light canopy for the wedding barn and we’ve also bought our own fairy light canopy for the marquee which previously couples used to hire in.    We’ve always had the disco lights for the marquee and our white starlight dance floor which are great for evening music and dancing.   I’ll post some pics of the wedding barn canopy as soon as it goes up.


Photography: Ben Selway

We’ve also bought some new festoon lights with white lanterns which again couples used to hire in.  They’re now available free of charge so there’ll be plenty of opportunity for some great photos!   Do make sure your photographer knows that you want some atmospheric evening shots and check that they have the equipment for it – flash photography in the evenings doesn’t get you the best pics, you need an expert with the right kit…


Photography: Luna Weddings, Ben Selway


Photography: Ben Selway, Dan Ward

All our electric lights are dimmable so you can control the level of light through the evening.  In these pics you can see the fairy light canopy, the festoon lights, dandelion lights, the garden uplighters and finally the candles.

In previous years some couples have hired in a chandelier for our prize acer tree, the photo of the couple on the sofa under the chandelier has always been really popular.   This week I have just bought our own Swarovski crystal chandelier which will need to be re-wired for outdoors.   I’ll post pics of that when it arrives, in the meantime here are some photos of the hired chandelier in our tree…

Photography: Emma Solley

Photography: Emma Solley

Lighting is crucial for creating atmosphere and providing the wow factor for your guests.   We’d love to talk about lighting ideas and we’re very happy for couples to hire in their own lighting to supplement what we have here.

What kind of lighting do you want for your wedding?