Let’s get ‘Pacific’ about colour…

Wedding colour trend

Pantone has chosen the 2019 colour of the year.  And it’s an all time personal favourite… LIVING CORAL!

This year’s trends are predicting that we’ll be seeing bold pops of colour.

Our brides are being more and more adventurous and brave and here at Ever After, We. Love. It!

We love it even more when our brides are ahead of trend. Last year in August, Sam & Mike flaunted their living coral bouquet and buttonholes like they knew we’d be talking about them now.

Their buoyant choice of colours perfectly complimented Ever After’s back drop. And needless to say it created the perfect punch in their photographs.

real summer wedding sam & mike ever after

Photo by First Light Photography, Flowers by Hannah Burnett

Living coral

Pantone says ‘Living Coral embodies our desire for playful expression’ and I couldn’t agree more! The colour is all about being bold and lively, but as you can see above it has potential to be subtle too. We aren’t suggesting that you walk down the aisle in a knock out bright pink gown… That would be an absolute statement and you’d have all the Ever After team cheering you on, but it might be a bit controversial..?

In my opinion, Sam & Mike hit the nail on the head. They were trend setters after all.  They kept things subtle with pops of colour to draw in the eye. Sam has elegantly matched her nail colour with the bouquet and bright coral ribbon. This is of course no accident, it takes time and thought to tie all these details together.

Bright wedding colours

Back in July 2017, Zoe & Ben another of our brave couples explored the bright orange colours. They went bigger and bolder than the more subtle coral colour of the year.

summer weddings image

Photo by Lucy Turnbull, Flowers by Amanda Randell

We love encouraging our brides to be bold, brave and unique. If those are the colours that YOU love, then you should embrace them. This is your big day after all and you should be able to express your personality through the smaller details. Be it the simple colour of your nails or that knock out pink gown I mentioned before.

Why not think outside the box? Living Coral is such a striking colour, that could make any head turn. Think about your signature drinks. More importantly think about a Rosemary, Grapefruit & Gin Cocktail… I know, my mouth is salivating too!!

This Cocktail could be that head turner. I love botanical & savoury flavours in cocktails such as basil, rosemary and sage. Shaking them up together with a splash of tongue quenching grapefruit juice and gin, doesn’t that sound like quite the concoction?

And if gin isn’t for you, try substituting it for a splash of vodka instead.

For your cocktail:

  • 5 fl oz (45ml) London Dry gin (or vodka)
  • 350ml of freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice
  • 1 fl oz (30ml) rosemary syrup
  • Ice
  • Fresh rosemary sprig and pink grapefruit slice to garnish

grapefruit cocktail

Source: Pinterest

Enjoy your weekend sipping on that beauty!

If you’re up for more cocktail and reception drinks ideas, take a peek at our edible flowers cocktail ideas over here.

And if you’re ready to take your own wedding enquiry further and you want some more info about how we can help you create your dream wedding, get in touch!  Email Nicola at [email protected]

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