… by ‘show’ I mean choosing between Live Music & DJ’s.

When planning a wedding, there’s a lot to consider and sometimes music can be pushed to the bottom of the pile.

If live music is something that you’ve dreamed of having at your wedding it’s a good idea to prioritise finding the right fit for you with plenty of time to spare. The last thing you want is for the band you’ve dreamed of to be booked up for your wedding date! Boo… so don’t waste any more time, get out there find the soul of the party.


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It’s the music that truly has the power to make or break the wedding reception so choosing who should play at your wedding is a huge decision to make.

Who’s to actually say you have to choose? At Ever After we’ve had couples that have accommodated for both. And It’s worked perfectly. When the band is changing over sets the DJ steps in to avoid any stale moments and keeps the party alive. Depending on what time the band finishes the DJ is ready to steal the show and take over until the small hours and the night comes to a close.
If you’re working to a tighter budget; when the band is changing over or finishing up it’s your chance to take over and be your own DJ (Or designate the DJ duty to a friend or family member)

Our sound system is compatible with AUX so you’re able to link up with your iPod or Phone effortlessly. (Don’t forget to have your playlist downloaded as Wifi in the Marquee is pretty scarce at our rural location)


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It really is all about personal preference. There are a few things to consider, such as;

  • What type of entertainment suits your personal taste
  • Budget
  • Space allowances
  • Guest demographics, etc. 

A good way to answer these questions is to think about previous weddings or events you’ve been to. Is there a certain band or DJ that was memorable?
Talk to your friends and family, they may well have suggestions or recommendations for you.


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Choosing a genre that suits both of your personalities will make the party more personal. It’ll also help to know if a live band or DJ is right for you.

Usually, a band can get all your guests singing along, and deliver some real corkers to pull some shapes to. Whereas, a wedding DJ can cover a broader spectrum… The ease of switching from ‘Daft Punk – Get Lucky’ to ‘Donny Osmond – Puppy love’ is absolutely effortless albeit incredibly cheesy.

The point is; although a live band can create an incredible atmosphere, a DJ can be a lot more versatile for your guests.



I know, I hear you, the less exciting part, let’s talk money… When choosing between Live music & DJ’s your budget may not stretch as far as you may think or hope.

Things to consider are; In general, a DJ will cost less on an hourly basis than a live band due to the nature of the act. A DJ is usually a one-person act so you are paying for only one person, their talent and the use of their equipment. With a live band, you are paying for each person in the band, their talent (and equipment), and the amount of time you want them to play. So, the more people/pieces in your act, the higher the price you’ll pay.

It’s a tough one but if your heart is set on the live band there are ways around it, you could consider a smaller act with fewer musicians (meaning fewer people to pay) you just have to weigh up if it’s worth the sacrifice of losing a band member.

If you’re wondering where you can save some extra pennies elsewhere on your day, take a look at Bethany’s Blog posts ‘Where to save your money‘ or ‘Wedding Priorities


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Ceremony/Evening Bands:


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We have tons of great bands & musicians to recommend, If you’d like to see a more extensive list of Live Music & DJ’s get in touch here: [email protected]

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