Our look at 2017 wedding trends – part 3…

Continuing our look at the most talked-about 2017 wedding trends (for part 1 click here and for part 2 click here).   This week we thought we’d highlight one of the other trend forecast by our friends over at Coco Wedding Venues.

Minimalist Luxe.

Katrina Otter describes this on the Coco Wedding trend report as “stripping things back without scrimping on luxury or the overall style and vibe.”   Yep, love that.   Here we often add to the natural elements and surroundings with metallic vases and candle holders to keep things simple but luxurious as in this cake table display where the simplicity of the cake design is complemented by the sparkling touches of the tea lights and flowers.

Photography: Yeti Photography

This cheese cake arrangement on one of our log slices uses an abundance of fruit with oversized lanterns and a bridesmaid’s bouquet, all against a foliage backdrop to create a feeling of luxe with simplicity.

Photographer: Ed Peers
Photographer: Ed Peers

And this semi-naked cake, simply decorated with roses and anemones is displayed on a crystal cake stand for an added luxe feel.

2016-12-23_0005Or this pared back ceremony decorated simply with fairy light strings, large steel lanterns ghost chairs and a foliage circlet on the wall behind the bride and groom.   Minimalist but with a sense of style and elegance.

Photographer: Voytek
Photographer: Voytek

And this spectacular naked cake displayed on a simple glass cake stand with the luxe feel in the abundance of flowers and shining giant steel lanterns and tea lights.

Photographer: Freckle Photography
Photographer: Freckle Photography Cake: Edible Essence

This is not an overly showy look, it’s definitely on the less-is-more scale.   As Katrina Otter says, it’s “the perfect blend of high end, luxurious pieces perfectly combined with on-trend, budget attainable styling in order to create the ultimate cool, timeless and effortless vibe.”   And who doesn’t want, cool, timeless and effortless…?

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