Make time for couple shots…

I was talking to a wedding photographer recently and she was saying how important it is for a couple to make time for some couple portraits on their wedding day.   It got me thinking…

I hear from couples in the run up to their wedding day about how they don’t want to abandon their guests during the drinks reception by having couple photos.   I thought the same myself when the lovely S and I got married here back in 2012.   Trouble is, we don’t have any couple shots!   And although I’m not a great one for having photos of myself around the house, it would be kinda nice to have some of the lovely S and I in our wedding finery.   So much so that I’m thinking of an anniversary shoot for the two of us one day here at the venue, but I digress…

Photographer: Freckle Photography
Photographer: Freckle Photography

Back to the subject in hand, ‘abandoning’ your guests for photos.   Wedding guests like two things, food & drink and so long as you give them plenty of both, they’re perfectly happy to wait 30 mins or so whilst you go off with your betrothed for pics.   If you’re worried you’re missing out on your own drinks reception (and why would you want to miss out, you’ve spent time and effort putting together a fab drinks reception!) then make sure you factor in enough time for photos AND for you to enjoy the reception party.    Don’t try to fit everything into an hour, make it two and give yourself the best of all worlds, being at your own reception and having some amazing couple shots.

Photograper: Maxi Photography
Photographer: Maxi Photography

As the photographer said to me this week, ‘who wants photos of drunken guests up on the wall?  You want fab photos of the two of you that you can treasure for years’.

Photographer: Matt Austin photography
Photographer: Matt Austin photography

So take it from someone who learned the hard way, build in that photo time, you won’t regret it.   Think how these couples would have felt if they’d missed out on these amazing pics!

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