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New elopement package – ceremony only

By July 23, 2020announcement
bride and groom ceremony

new elopement package

If you’ve seen my recent post about 2022 being our last year for summer Saturdays and MMW weddings, you’ll know we’re focusing solely on elopements from 2023 onwards. And if you’ve read my other recent post, you’ll know we’re opening up new dates for summer elopements starting in 2023.

But what about right now?  I mentioned in those posts we’ve got more elopement news.  I know!  This post is to tell you about that news – a new elopement package.  It’s another one of those lock down COVID-19 ideas.  One of those things we had the time to think about whilst we were shut down and had no weddings.

bride and groom kiss

Photographer: Clare Kinchin

ceremony only

I’ve always received enquiries from couples asking if they could hire the venue just for their wedding ceremony.   Whether they’ve got a teeny budget and can’t stretch to the full elopement package or they’ve got a venue sorted for their wedding but it isn’t licensed and they don’t fancy standing next to the photocopier at the Registrar’s office.  Or maybe they’re planning a destination wedding and just need a legal wedding here.  They want somewhere stylish and elegant just for a short while for their wedding ceremony.

I’ve never been able to figure out how we could offer that in a way that would make sense for everyone. Well, now we’ve figured it out.  Yay!  And we don’t need to wait until 2023 to start this new package, it can happen RIGHT NOW.

which days

Ok so let’s start getting in to the details.  In the winter (that’s February, March, April, October, November and December) you can have a ceremony only elopement here on Fridays.   In the summer (that’s May, June, July, August and September) you can have a ceremony only elopement here on Mondays.  So that’s Fridays in the winter, Mondays in the summer.


Photographer: Clare Kinchin

what’s included

Well you know us by now, we like to do things in style, no matter how teeny your wedding.  So we’ve included some of our gorgeous main elopement suppliers for the ceremony only package.  It really is ceremony only plus all the extras to give your lil ceremony that big wedding feel.

You get an hour’s photography with our lovely elopement photographer Clare Kinchin.  It’s exactly the same photography deal as the main elopement package.  You get Clare for an hour which covers the ceremony, couple portraits and any guests pics.  Clare will send you an online gallery of around 250-300 photos of your wedding and a USB stick so you can get them printed at your leisure.   You can see Clare’s work on our real elopements wedding gallery.  And no waiting months for your wedding pics – they’ll be with you in no time – yay!

You also get a bridal bouquet and a buttonhole (or 2 bridal bouquets or 2 buttonholes – your choice) for the two of you by our fabulous elopement florist Amanda Randell from Flowers et al.  You’ll see a ton of Amanda’s bridal bouquets over on our real elopements wedding gallery.

We provide a bottle of champagne for you newly weds which we can crack open for you after the ceremony.  If you prefer to take it away with you and save it for later, that’s fine by us – maybe you’re driving, maybe you’ve got big, important plans later on and you want to keep a clear head or maybe you just fancy a bit of cork popping later on – your wedding, your choice.

After the ceremony we want to give you time to celebrate the fact you just got married (yay!) so as well as popping the champagne corks for you, we’ll provide canapés for you and your guests.  Yep you get a proper wedding drinks reception – on a small scale.

bride & groom aisle walk

Photographer: Clare Kinchin


Oh yes, you can have guests too.  Same numbers as for the standard elopement package.  Up to 8 guests in the winter months (October to April) and up to 12 guests in the summer months (May to September).

Or it can be just the two of you.  That’s fine too.   If you’re not having any guests we can provide your legal witnesses – there’s no charge for that, we love doing it!

ceremony timing

You’ve got a choice of 2 times of day for your actual ceremony.   The times are the same whether it’s a Monday or a Friday, summer or winter.

The first ceremony time is 11.45am, the second time is 3.45pm in the afternoon.  Morning or afternoon, your choice.

if you’re wondering how long a wedding ceremony lasts, it depends.  If you’re exchanging wedding rings and you’re having standard vows, it’s usually about 20 mins.

You can write your own vows if you like, they’re in addition to the legal vows you have to make in order to make the whole thing legal.

bride & groom celebration

Photographer: Clare Kinchin

ceremony location

As with our main elopement package, you get a choice of where to have your ceremony – either in the wedding barn or in front of the fire on the glass roof terrace.  You’ll see both of those spaces on the real elopements wedding gallery. 

We’ll set up the ceremony space for you with seating for your guests and a table and chairs for the Registrars.   Check out the real elopements wedding gallery above to see how the ceremony space can be set up for you.  The Ever After styling ninjas will sort that for you.

arrival time

You can arrive on site 15 mins before your ceremony time so that’s 11.30am for a morning ceremony and 3.30pm for an afternoon ceremony.  You get exclusive use of the venue and the gardens which gives you time to have your wedding ceremony followed by photos and a 45 minute mini wedding reception with champagne and canapés.

So you arrive all suited and booted, hair and make up all done and ready to go for your wedding.   We can provide a room for you to wait just before the ceremony if you want to wait separately from your guests. Your guests will be shown straight to their seats for the ceremony as soon as they arrive.

We’ll be here to meet and greet you and your guests and show you where you need to go and when.  You don’t need to worry about a thing, we’ve got you covered.

There’s parking on site for you and any guests or space for taxis to drop you off if you prefer.

leaving time

If you’re having the morning ceremony, that means you’re leaving us at 1.30pm, just in time to go and have lunch somewhere special.

If you’re having the afternoon ceremony, that means you’re leaving us at 5.30pm, just in time to go and have dinner – again I hope it’s somewhere special to you (and yep, going home def counts as somewhere special).

drinks trolly

Photographer: Clare Kinchin


The cost is really easy – one price for the two of you and an extra price per head for each guest.

The price for the two of you is £1,176 incl the ole dreaded VAT.  Let me remind you what you’re getting for that (a lot!) It includes exclusive use of the venue and grounds (just you and your guests and our staff will be the only ones here), the all important wedding ceremony (that’s the whole point of this, right?), an hour’s photography (250-300 photos perfectly capturing all your big moments), a gorgeous bridal bouquet and buttonhole and finally a drinks reception with champagne and canapés.   It’s the whole wedding enchilada – on a nano scale.

For every adult guest you add, the cost is £36 (including that pesky VAT) for ceremony, photos, champagne and canapés.

registrars fees

The price doesn’t include the Registrar’s fees which you have to pay on top directly to the Registrars.

You’ll need to book the Registrar for your wedding ceremony, we can’t do that for you – it’s the law.    You can reserve a date over the phone with Tavistock Registrars, the fee is currently £50 which will guarantee your date.  The two of you will also need to go along to your local Registrars office in person together to provide proof of residence and ID.   That can be done at any time in the 11 months before your wedding date and must be done at least 28 days before your wedding date.

Although we’re registered with Tavistock Registrars, Devon County Council have a central number to deal with wedding enquiries which is 0345 155 1002.   Sometimes you have to leave a message on their voicemail but they’re usually fairly good at returning calls.    We’ve got an information sheet here on our website with the requirements of a civil service and the various fees involved which are payable directly to the Registrar’s office.

Don’t ring the Registrar to book your date til you’ve checked with us that we’ve got the date available first. See our booking process below.

We’ll co-ordinate the wedding ceremony for you, just like we do with our big weddings so you’ll know exactly where you need to be and when.  Whether you’re walking in together or with a loved one, we’ll make sure you’re in the right place at the right time.

bride & groom elopement aisle walk

Photographer: Clare Kinchin

how to book

Once you’ve decided Ever After is definitely the place for you (good choice by the way) you just check what dates we’ve got available.

When we’ve agreed your date and time (morning or afternoon), we’ll hold that date for you for 7 days to give you chance to book the Registrar (see procedure above), sign the terms and conditions and pay the deposit.  We’ll email you the t&c’s and the deposit invoice.  You call the Registrar, pay them £50 over the phone to book your date, sign the t&c’s, pay us the deposit – and that’s it, you’re booked!

payment terms

Paying the deposit confirms your date.  We can’t hold a date longer than 7 days unless you pay the deposit.  But once the deposit is paid, you’re all good.  You’re booked and ready to go.

The balance is payable 3 months before your wedding date.

dog picDogs and music

whaaat?!  Not necessarily together (but if you’ve got a musical dog that’s great) – I mean just some extra details in case you were wondering.

Dogs – we love dogs!  We welcome well behaved, friendly dogs here at Ever After so you’re welcome to bring your dog(s) to share your wedding day.  ‘Well behaved’ means they need to keep out of the ponds and not tear around the garden.  If your dog doesn’t do well with strange people or dogs, we might have to say ‘sorry but no’ as we’ve got to be fair to our staff and our own dogs – this is our dogs home too after all.

Music – there’s a music dock here so you’re welcome to bring recorded music of your choice for your ceremony.   You can also bring music to play during your drinks reception.  We’re in the middle of nowhere so you can’t stream any music, it needs to be downloaded before you get here.  But you can have music for your ceremony and reception, just like a big wedding.

is this for you?

We’ve put a lot of thought into this new package.   We figured it would suit couples who need a beautiful place for a ceremony but want it on a small scale.  Maybe you’ve got a beautiful reception venue arranged but it’s not licensed for weddings.  Maybe you just want a gorgeous wedding ceremony and you’ll do something low key for the rest of the celebrations.  Maybe you want to throw everything at the ceremony and you’ll go back home to put your feet up.   Maybe you’re headed abroad for a destination wedding but you want a UK legal ceremony.

Whatever your sitch, if you want a fabulous ceremony in an amazing venue with 5* treatment for just a few hours at a super budget price – this is the package for you.

Why the package

We thought a couple who wants a beautiful ceremony location will want to have photos of it – otherwise why are you making the effort to find somewhere lovely?  You could just rock up at the Registry office.

So if you’re having photos because it’s all going to look gorgeous, then you need flowers right (who doesn’t need flowers?) so those photos look amazing.  And if you’re having a bouquet, then have the very best flowers created specially for you.  You def deserve that.

And then what’s a wedding without champagne (or is that just me?).   Even if you’re having a big wedding reception elsewhere, maybe there are a few special people who must see you get legally married so that’s why you can bring guests.  But if this is just for the two of you, that’s fine, this package works for you too.

If you decide you want to take your champagne with you and not drink it on the day, that’s no problem, we’ll pack it up for you.  And if you don’t want champagne and canapés for your guests, there’s no charge for guests who come just to attend the ceremony.  That’s a barg right there…

I think that’s covered it – anything I’ve missed out or haven’t thought of, let me know.  You can email me any time at